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Here and There and a Shopping Spree

We woke to drizzle Friday morning, and decided to just hop around a bit. We had wanted to get a few bottles of the Riesling we had really liked from a winery in Riquewihr, so headed over. There was a small market on one of the side streets, so we bought some sausage. We got a nice price on a half case of Riesling from Regine Zimmer, and oh yes, why not taste more at 9:30 in the morning. Just to make sure there wasn't another we preferred. Larry insists he can pad the bottles in our luggage. We'll see. I think we'll need to drink a bottle or two in Paris.



Since the fruit at the market didn't looks as good as what we bought from the farm the other day, we headed back to Sigolsheim. That farm wasn't yet open, so we stopped at another down the road. Mmm, apricots. Also got a bottle of their chestnut honey.

We were near Kaysersburg at that point, so stopped in town to look around. Another lovely place, but fairly bristling with souvenir shops amidst the charming old houses built alongside the river, with a ruined chateau and vines above.



You can meet all your stuffed stork needs here as well.


I did do my part to assist the local economy with a bottle of eaux de vie, wild raspberry-flavored jet fuel. There are also many small distilleries in the region.

By now it was lunchtime, so we headed up to Bergheim , where there was a restaurant that had looked appealing the other day. We had a lovely lunch at Les Lavndieres. We kept it fairly simple, but I could definitely see returning for some more of the owner's cooking, as even our basic lunch was perfectly prepared. Choucroute with pleasantly mild sauerkraut that tasted more of wine than vinegar, with an assortment of tasty piggy parts and different sausages that the waiter kept fishing out of a pot as we finished the plate. And a frozen "kugelhoupf "ice cream for dessert, yum. Delicious local wine in a pitcher. http://www.leslavandieres.fr/


I remembered that I wanted to stop at the Beauville factory store outside Ribeauville. It's on the road going toward St. Marie aux Mines, on the left. I was wishy-washy about which size table runner to buy, and was a good girl and opted for the smaller and cheaper. I'm kicking myself now, that I see the online prices are double the shop's.

Our last stop of the day was one of the local tourist traps, the Volarie des Aigles. (The other is a "Monkey Mountain". I find monkeys creepy). Falcons, eagles and other large birds are very cool to watch as they respond to commands--when they feel like it, which was amusing to both us and the handlers. The birds swoop very low over the audience--you can feel their wings beating the air above your head.



Headed back home for a rest before our blow-out dinner at the Auberge Frankenbourg. I'll do that in a separate entry, which it deserves.

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Your trip is just looking wonderful! The wine and food sounds so delicious.


"Why not taste more at 9:30 in the morning. Just to make sure there wasn't another we preferred."

You are speaking my language! That guy with the big bird sure is handsome.

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