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What's On the Needles

Yeah, I've been a Bad Blogger. I guess I've been too busy, what with finding the cure for cancer, dating celebrity football players, writing the Great American Novel, and my latest political scandal..

In any case, I've been doing a lot of knitting this Fall. Here are some finished pieces and some WIP's.

Some scarves in an easy eyelet lace pattern. One in a blue variegated wool doubled with a thin mohair; the other in a soft thick red wool.



A big reversible cabled blanket for my parents. Hope to finish by the end of the month. It's so huge I can work on it while I'm lying under it. It was either this or submit to the request for a doggy sweater. I don't do dog sweaters.


This sweater I started last year, and then put down out of sheer boredom. It has a neat stitch pattern at the neckline, hips and cuffs, but is otherwise miles of mind-numbing stockinette stitch. I just need to finish the sleeves on this puppy, need a Netflix marathon and a rainy weekend.The true color is more of a dark teal.


A cardigan in a striped Noro yarn. I have the back and one front side done. This photo had a harsh flash; the true colors are much more muted.


This pattern was for a circular shrug I started just before Thanksgiving. I did it in a thick self-striped yarn, and fiddled with it a bit to get the stripes to align on all sides. It worked well, and fits great. I'm using a big Roman Glass and silver pin as a button. I think it'll be even better with sleeves to be a cropped jacket, so that's what I'm working on now, you see the needles dangling from the left sleeve.


I still have 22 projects in my queue. Want to finish two of the sweaters and the blanket before I start anything new.

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I love that last one with the Roman pin. Fabulous!


Just beautiful,Amy! I am so impressed that you can do all of this in between all of your other important achievements!

Wow, I'm impressed too. I love everything and esp. that blanket. That stitch is very cool.


Amy, all 3 sweaters are beautiful but that final model, with the Roman pin, is gorgeous!


Amy, I am also impressed and blown away by your talent. I once knitted (knat?) a few scarves and was impressed with myself, but I never got beyond that.
I ought to take a few classes...something to keep my hands busy instead of eating.

(I also LOVE & LUST after the shrug...the colors are perfect for you)!

Everything is so beautiful Amy. I love the shrug with the Roman pin, very creative.

So non-stop canning followed by non-stop knitting, I feel very lazy!


Hi Amy,
Glad to see some "live" photos of your life in knitting. The blanket is your magnum opus, although I'm sure if you put your mind to it you could come up with a darling doggy something!

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