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Style Cure--The Junk Room



Last Summer I started a month-long "assignment" sponsored by the site Apartment Therapy. http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ Although I did not religiously do every assignment, it did spur me to take on some household organization and decluttering; and initiated our bathroom re-dos."Hey, let's see if we can strip the ugly wallpaper...whoops, we seem to be renovating three bathrooms ourselves."

Yeah, things can get out of hand.

In any case, this summer's cure is to focus on one room. In our case, the Office/Guest Room/Junk Room. Everyone has a Junk Room, right? Right? Please don't tell me if you don't. Or at least a closet or two. You know, the place that you put the stuff in that you don't have any other place for, or the room where you stick something ugly because it's the least seen room?


Our junk room is also the guest room and my office. When Evan was home his computer was also in there. It took me months to convince Larry to try to sell the ugly desk. It's now listed, and I swear, I could have had a baby in that amount of time. Hopefully it'll be gone soon.Our first Style Cure assignments were to try to identify our own styles,and find visual cues to what appeals. Do I have a style, besides "see what sorta kinda looks OK there?"

Over the weekend I also weeded out three boxes of unwanted books. That might seem like a lot, but we probably have thousands of books distributed on shelves around the house. Out went the dated first aid manuals, middle-school series of dubious literary worth, travel guides from the 80's and 90's, pulp paperbacks. Still need to get Larry to go through those bits on the almost-empty bookcase.


It's a nice large room, with a lot of natural light. Three of the wonderful windows are set in a little rectangular bay. Warm old fir floor that works with the battered desk and bookcases. I'd like to keep to a pale palette with some wood accents, which works with the rest of the house.

Any ideas out there in internet-land?

My goals:
1. Declutter
2. Better organize in a more attractive way the necessary evils of printers, computers, office supplies.
4. Paint walls, or at least patch and blend the dings in the 125 year old horsehair plaster.
5. Replace 25-year old blinds. Perhaps do away with the 80's valences.
6. Visual appeal-
Perhaps replace the baby changing table/dresser that is functioning as our linen closet. Go down to one bookcase? Maybe paint it/them white? They're "cherry" particle-board. Spraypaint? Larry will have a fit.
Hide ugly filing cabinet somehow, or at least clean it up and get the crap off it.
Replace bedspread/pillow shams
Wall decorations--pictures, maybe a wall of good photos

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Sheri :

You're my hero, Amy. I can't bring myself to open the door to the junk room. And with the kids (mostly) gone .........well, we have other guest rooms. Maybe in the fall!

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