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A Suffolk state of mind...

Here I sit enjoying my coffee, Suffolk Souvenir Picture Guide and my GBHP Guidebook in front of me. Come to think of it, I should probably be sipping tea whilst contemplating jolly old England, but no, I must have my morning coffee. And NOT from Tim Hortons either...the stuff has reached iconic status in Canada, but personally I think it's misleading to even call that swill coffee!

Wow, there is a lot to see and do in the Suffolk and East Anglia area! I knew there was much to see in England in general, but hadn't realized what wealth of natural and historic sites there are in and near Suffolk until browsing through my books. I've been getting the quick glimpse of the attractions from the two guidebooks, then looking them up in my Treasures of Britain tome for more detail.

We are staying the Southwold area to visit with Dad and Maggie, and meet some of their friends (dad's planning a combo retirement party for Maggie/meet and greet the Canucks, complete with cases of that yummy Spanish champagne-like beverage that can't be called champagne because wasn't made in the Champagne region of France...sounds like a hoot!) But honestly, I hadn't known Suffolk and surrounds were so loaded with wonders that one could happily spend a lot of time there even without the added bonus of a family connection.

I can't wait to ramble around the countryside, through towns and villages like Lavenham, Chelsworth, Kersey, and "Constable country"...stopping in to see Framlingham castle, Ickworth house, the abbey ruins in Bury St Edmunds and Leiston Abbey, the Anglo-Saxon royal burial site at Sutton Hoo, Norfolk cathedral, Cambridge...lounging around dad's Southwold beach hut, taking the foot ferry from Southwold to Walberswick, maybe spend a day at Pleasurewood Hills amusement park.

Of course we also want to spend a day or two in London, and also hope to take a trip to see Stonehenge, perhaps Bath, etc. And someday I need to return with Dave and venture up to Scotland and around Wales (I don't know why Wales attracts us so, but everytime we see a show about it, we dream of relocating there!)

Oops, got so ingrossed in my armchair sightseeing that I nearly ruined the girls' scrambled eggs...oh well, I'm sure they wanted them well done...that's what I tell myself anyway. Time to go get ready for church...

For those who want to play armchair traveller along with me, here are a couple sites on the area:

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