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About Me

I am...a woman of many talents...the wife of a most wonderful man...the proud mother of two amazing daughters...a sister, a daughter, a friend, a traveller...a total church geek...

I live happily in Nova Scotia with my beloved husband of 20+ yrs, the younger of our two lovely daughters, two cats, and whatever wildlife happens to be around the yard on any given day. Our older daughter lives nearby, so our home is still often blessed with her presence too!

In my late thirties, I fell joyfully in love with church, with worship, with exploring faith and relationship with God, with finding my inner light and letting it shine. I embrace my inner church geek with a passion!! It is a blessing to feel the presence of the Spirit as I journey along my path of faith. Along the way, I found a kindred spirit in my minister, and our relationship has since changed into one of deepest friendship. And I am presently feeling called to become a minister myself, so am going through a formal discernment period, which hopefully will lead to a return to school for my Masters of Divinity, followed by ordination.

The wonders of creation fill my soul with joy. As does music. I love music of all kinds, from Vivaldi to Dwight Yoakam, from Jesse Cook to gospel, from Leonard Cohen to the Mamma Mia soundtrack.

I am somewhat of a bookoholic...I find it nearly impossible to set foot in a bookstore and come away empty handed. The books that catch my fancy are most often literary fiction, with a side of spiritual material, travelogues, and art history. In order to avoid bankruptcy, I restrict myself to the bargain shelves and used bookstores.

My passion for travel came late in life. In March 2006, I made my first journey to Italy (and Budapest) with my sister and mother...suddenly the travel madness all made sense. Since then I find myself constantly checking airfare and rental possibilities...just in case. Hey, if the stars align in my favour, I need to be ready, don't I?

My mind wanders into Italy at every opportunity...if only my body could follow more often!

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Anne, we have a lot in common--church freak, reading, travel but not cats. When is your Italy trip?


Hi Jane, thanks for stopping by.

My trip is in October - this will be my first solo trip so I am very excited (and a bit anxious at the same time!)


Your location caught my eye from one of your slowtrav posts; Nova Scotia!! Both sides of my family originate in the maritimes. Spent many a wonderful summer as a teen in Petite Riviere on the south shore some 40 years ago. This summer, my wife and I are are planning a short visit in August for the first time since 1968. CAN'T WAIT !! Thanks for you photos and your thoughts on this blog.



Thanks Neil, how exciting that you are returning to the place of your teen summers, that is always fun! I'm sure you will find NS just as beautiful as you remember, although greatly changed in many ways (for instance, we now have triple the potholes! haha)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and hope you have a wonderful journey "home" this summer!


Hi, I wish to thank you for sharing your blogs, I have just recently accepted God into my life and I am very much exploring my own Faith on this journey.
I feel quite blessed to be here!

I feel that I was guided to your page, so thank you for being here.

Many blessings to you Anne
Thank you!


Hi Gillian, I'm so glad to know that you've found something in my blog that resonates with your own journey. When I first began to explore my faith, I was hesitant to share what I was experiencing, but my blog gave me a wonderful space in which to share and that has really deepened my relationship with God.

I haven't been blogging much in the past year or so, just because of all the research papers I have to write for my MDiv program. But I look forward to recreating my love of writing and reflecting after I graduate!

Blessings and peace, A

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