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Hi again

Well, I forgot about having to hit the save button so my time ran out and I sat here thinking OH no I did not publish...but apparently my applications stay open for 5 mins after time runs out so that I had time to quickly buy another 10 min card. Next time I will just get the 30 min card since clearly it takes me much more time on this keyboard than would have at home! The good news for any readers is that my typing can only improve (surely can not get worse, and who knows maybe I will even figure out how to do contractions!)

As I ended with last time, we have been loving the gelato...limone, limotta, chocolate, pistacio, cassata (still not sure what that means but MN found it tasty). Elena sent us over the bridge to the Oltrarno to what she thinks is THE best gelato in Firenze...Gelateria Carraia (or something like that.) It certainly was yummy.

We had a good dinner at Al Spado (again, forget the exact name but not to worry, I will have better details for my trip report, it is all in my journal.

MN and TG were thrilled with their first plane rides by the way. Our flights were blessedly uneventful, although the Ryanair landing in Pisa was a bit of a drop from the sky onto the tarmack...thump bump thud...whew. Condor seats were very very cramped but otherwise a decent flight. MN preferred the Condor seats to Ryanair. The Alps were thrilling (again)

Running out of time again!

I think we will check out the Uffizi tomorrow, and maybe a couple churches. Monday we go to the Cezanne exhibit. I will post more as we go, now that I am getting the hang of this internet train thing!


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Mmmmm,I can almost taste the gelato! Will settle for orange sherbet, sigh...

So relieved to hear you have A/C in your room. I was very concerned that it would be too uncomfortable without it.

Will be checking again for your next update!

Hi Anne, I posted a comment this afternoon, but apparently it didn't work, so hope this one does.
I've relayed your 2 messages to your mom on the phone a few min ago. She was so excited to hear about your trip. She said to tell you that Winston and Hammie are doing just great. Winston has taken over the house and Reba is hanging out with J.
Glad to hear you all are having a wonderful time and imagine MN was awe struct with her 1st glimpse of the Tower Of Pisa. Enjoy that Gellato!
Love and (((HUGS)))to you all. Aunt Muriel. XOXO

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