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I think I'm officially all planned out...

Whew, today was "the" last minute details day. I finished my lists...I checked them twice...uh oh, I seem to be missing several key items, such as spare contacts, extreme SPF sunscreen for my two redheads, Afterbite, a Tide stick, etc.

I zip up to my eye clinic. My particular contacts are only sold by the box. I don't want a box, I want a pair. (I'm due for an appointment in August so darned if I want to buy a six month supply, only to have my prescription changed after using only one pair.) I politely decline the box and sigh oh well, I'll just have to stretch the time on the ones I have (a big no-no in disposable contact-land). My not so subtle tactic works - I'm offered a free trial pair to tide me over until I return from my trip. Seems they could give me a pair, but they couldn't sell me a pair...

Stop into Superstore for contact solution (the smallest I can find is 120ml. Curses! This means I'll have to pack it in my checked bag and hope it doesn't get lost. No doubt the Italian pharmacies sell various contact solutions, but my eyes are sensitive so I don't want to take any chances on not being able to find my particular system.

Back home I go in the pouring rain. A truck ahead of me swerves to the side of the road and - whoooosh!! - a poor pedestrian gets hit with a wall of water. I think nasty thoughts about the driver of the truck. At least we don't have the thunder-lightening-hail-heavy rain storm like yesterday. The rain was so heavy that the roof drains failed on a nearby elementary school so the roof half collapsed and the kids all had to be evacuated. I was glad to hear there were no injuries and also selfishly thankful it wasn't either of my girls' schools.

I get out the suitcases, I get out the daybags, I get out...hey, where's my backpack, my fabulous backpack?? I bought it especially for my March 2006 and future trips. It's nowhere to be found. Oh wait, I remember lending my luggage to my sister recently, although thought I'd gotten it all back. I cannot get ahold of her, either at home or on her cell, so leave a message and hope she calls with the good news that she still has this one piece of my luggage. MN wants to know what she can do to help. She helps me stuff liquid items into ziplocks in case they leak/explode from pressure changes.

The Ginger's main concern is how many books can she bring??? It's a lot of flying time, she tells me... I say she can bring one in the carryon plus as many as she can fit AFTER packing her essentials (I envision her arriving with a bag of books and no clothes) and still come in under the 15kg Ryanair checked baggage limit. We'll be collecting our bags between the transatlantic and Ryanair flights so she can so a switcheroo in the airport between flights.

I realize I forgot to get the rest of the last minute items so Dave and I trek up to the drugstore for the sunscreen, the advil, moleskin, the list grows to several items and ends up costing $67. Grrr, these little things are so expensive.

Back home again, we do more packing. For clothes, I have packed 3 skirts, 2 pairs of pants (one capri, one regular length), 4 tees, 3 tanktops and a zip up fleece sweater just in case. TG and MN have a similar collection. Dave surprises me by hauling 2 pairs of medium weight cotton pants out of his closet - where the heck did those come from?? (He is a dyed in the wool jeans wearer, never ever see him in anything else except at weddings and funerals.) Try them on, I urge, best to make sure they fit. Wow, they look fantastic! Hubba-hubba, hubby o' mine! I think he must wear these more often.

I print out address cards in case we get lost in any of our destinations or, a horrifying thought, one of the girls gets separated from us. At least this way, we will each have the apartment addresses and owners phone numbers in our daybags. I will also pack a copy of our itinerary in each bag.

Arggh, my mind is swirling with minutia, or to steal an expression from Brenda (BGE on ST), drunken monkeys are running around in my head. Enough for today, I think. I hope I have everything under enough control so I can spend the last few days dreaming of the wonderful time we'll have instead of fretting about what I've forgotten.

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You know, good idea about giving everyone cards with the addresses where you're staying. I never thought about thtat but will in the future.

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