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Kayak, expedia, and airfares, oh my!

Now comes the hunt for airfares that don't completely obliterate our travel budget. This proves to be a challenge since we do not live near a large hub like Toronto or JFK, however Halifax does offer several reasonable options. Zoom and Canadian Affair have some decently priced charter flights direct from Halifax to London (decently priced for high season, that is) but the timing isn't good (Thursday to Thursday, or Tuesday to Monday). Since Dave only has two weeks, I want to try for two full weeks sandwiched between weekends to maximize his stay, and also to allow us to take advantage of weeklong apartment rentals in each city.

I haunt kayak, expedia and other travel sites daily, searching for something remotely affordable...Dave and I grow more frustrated by the day...I can tell the girls are beginning to lose hope.

One happy day I discover that Condor flies direct from Halifax to Frankfurt on Thursday evening, returning on either Sunday - hallelujah, that's just the ticket! We book our transatlantic flights with Condor and then book with Ryanair from Frankfurt-Hahn to Pisa, and EasyJet from Venice to London.

Booking the Ryanair tickets was a bit of a hassle. I still don't know quite what went wrong, but the transaction didn't complete the first time through, and then when trying again, my Visa wasn't accepted. So I had to finish the transaction on Dave's card. When our bills came, the fares themselves had been charged to my card, and only the credit card fee was charged to Dave's...weird. No problem booking the EasyJet tickets though.

We leave June 28 and return July 15 (Dave) and July 29 (the girls and me).

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