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One short week from this very minute...

We'll be flying high - literally and figuratively from the rush of adrenaline as we set out on our month long vacation next Thursday. Our flight is scheduled to leave at 7:30 pm (I pray there will be no delays like getting socked in with an evil Atlantic fog or something equally horrid!)

Well the seminar I was on today ended a little early, so while waiting for Dave to get off work, I grabbed the opportunity to pick up a few items. Inflatable neck pillows for The Ginger and Miss Ninja (to be referred to as TG and MN when I'm feeling lazy), money belts, tiny locks and a handful of luggage tags. For the tags, I had my choice of Spongebob, Dora the Explorer or plastic Canada flags...unfortunately there was only the one Spongebob tag so I got the flags to avoid a household skirmish over who got to play the part of Spongegirl Squaretraveller. (Sniff...I really wanted that tag!!!) I had though about making SlowTrav luggage tags, but doubt I'll have time before we leave. I still plan to look for something else with a bit more flair than the ole maple leaf though (not that there's anything wrong with that...) Oh and I just realized that I still need to get eye masks...

While at the mall (a rare occurence for me), I also got small gifts for the owners of the apartments we're renting. I wasn't sure what to get but ended up choosing a 100ml jug of NS maple syrup and a 2008 calendar of Nova Scotia scenes for each. I didn't feel that an extravagent gift would be appropriate, or necessary, but wanted to give them a little token from our neck of the woods.

And since I was in the vicinity of the clothing shops...I bought a handful of colourful rib-knit and v-neck tees and a pair of beige cotton/linen pants. I have a couple pairs of linen shorts that fall just below my knees, but I think I'll leave them at home as it sounds as though I may be turned away from various churches if wearing any type of short, no matter how nice they are. So you see that I was forced to buy the new pants to fill the void left by these shorts. The tees I have no excuse for...they're just so darn comfy!

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The luggage tags are cool. Are you planning on coming to Savannah? Pauline promises to bring some SlowTrav luggage tags there.


I realllly want to go to Savannah, but my chances are looking slim right now. I'm not giving up hope, but...


I love my ST luggage tags! I couldn't remember what my new suitcase looked like, when a ST luggage tag went by me on the carousel! Mine!

I'm enjoying following your trip planning. I think I'll just have to have mini breaks this year. Although you never know! :)

I enjoyed reading this. Thanks.

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