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"Only 9 more sleeps, mommy...EEEEeeeee!!!!!!!"

That's how I was greeted by The Ginger when I came down to the kitchen first thing this morning...I know she's really excited when she calls me mommy. I can hardly believe our departure date is getting so close. I should really say 8 sleeps since what odds I'll actually be able to sleep the night before we leave! I just know I'll be awake all night with visions of canals and cathedrals, towers and museums, winding Renaissance streets and hushed calli, statues, bronze horses and the David...sigh...

I've been stair-climbing like mad to get in shape for the towers and domes - have to be able to keep up with Miss Ninja after all. Today was 19 floors up and down...twice (Woohoo - go me!! I say as I pat myself on the back!) Much panting ensued during the morning climb but when I repeated the effort in the afternoon, it wasn't nearly as tough. That broccoli and spinach pasta I had for lunch must have given me an extra boost of energy!

Over the last couple days, I put together an itinerary and contact information sheet and emailed that around to a few people, plus will give a paper copy to my mom (psst MOM - get a computer, will ya??!! haha) And - bad Anne, bad - I killed a small tree making photocopies of our passports, etc. A copy to take with us, plus a full set to leave with mom. (I also scanned them and emailed them to myself in case all those paper copies go astray - overkill, I know but whatever...)

I also finally gathered together my collection of (37) tiny text files for Dave to load into his palm pilot. The files contain various stray bits of info on churches, artwork, walking routes, and stuff like that...too much to copy but might be useful along the way.

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Getting so close; very exciting!

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