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Pre-trip miscellany

We have only two days to get through before our journey begins!

I repacked last night, and again this evening...my aim being to have as few clothes as possible but still have at least a few different outfits (in case I don't feel like doing laundry every day). Hard to say if I'll revisit my choices again tomorrow before closing the zipper on the case for good! Of course Dave packed once and that's that. I'm feeling pretty good though. All I have left to pack are the things I use every day such as my contact solution, glasses, drivers licence etc.

I noticed that the Foreign Affairs Canada website recommends that travellers bring their birth certificate with them in order to facilitate a replacement passport if that document is lost, but I'm just not comfortable lugging that along. I don't worry overly about identity theft, but a birth certificate is not something I'd want to lose or have stolen! I'll take my chances with a photocopy of the passport and the fact that mom knows where our original certificates are kept in the event of an emergency.

Unlike Sara, I've chosen a book to accompany me (as mentioned in an earlier post, she would like to fill her suitcase...) Much as I'm addicted to reading, I suspect I won't turn too many pages except on the flight over. There will just be too many other things to see and do. But Waking Raphael should at least keep me entertained on the plane.

Trish (a coworker) and I were talking today about the UK leg of my trip. She was wondering where Reydon is so she typed it into google. A few sites came up and on one of them, we discovered that Susanna Moody and her sister Catherine Parr Traill, pioneer women extraordinaire, hail from Reydon Hall. Not sure why this connection struck me, but for some reason it gave me a little thrill. Must be because these women are Canadian (albeit adopted) icons of the pioneer world so their names are very familiar to me.

Grrrr, I was not very happy to see the Cdn$-euro and Cdn$-GPB exchange rates today. The rates were relatively low a couple weeks ago, but are creeping back up again. I've been using a rounded up rate when estimating costs, just to be on the safe side, so not a huge impact on our budget. Still, I'd rather see the rates going down than up!

While randomly surfing today, I found out about a free internet point in Venice: Telecom Italia Future Centre. Gotta love the words "Ingresso gratuito"!! Another site mentioned that it may no longer be open, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. If not, I read that there are lots of internet places in Italian cities, so no doubt we'll find a few somewhere along the path.

Not sure if I'll have a chance to post again before we leave. But hopefully will find a few spare moments (and internet access) as we go so I can post some updates for anyone who's interested (Trish, this means you!)

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THANK YOU, Anne, for taking the time to post ONCE more and surely you can squeeze a quick one in tomorrow with your final thoughts!!! I will be travelling each and every day with you, in spirit. Safe, happy travels. T


That free Internet point is some good information. If you don't post again before you depart, wishing you happy and stress-free travels!

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