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Two weeks to go...It's checklist time!

I can't believe we leave in two weeks! Our trip seemed so far away and now suddenly it's almost on top of us and I'm starting to get that "oh my gosh, what have I forgotten to do in advance?!?!" feeling. At least I got my exam over with last night, so no more studying to worry about (for me anyway...The Ginger has exams right through next Friday).

Time for a recap to see if I've missed anything major...the following checklist probably won't make for very interesting reading, just so you know!

Flights booked (turns out I should have waited on the Ryanair tickets...paid 25.99 euro + taxes each in Jan, but a month later, the same flight was on sale for 1.99 + tx)
Florence-Venice train tickets (again bought too soon...paid standard fare last week, only to read GAC's post today about the Amica 20% off fare)
Pisa-Florence train tickets...not yet

Apartments reserved in Florence and Venice
Hotels reserved for our first night in Pisa and Dave's last night in Mestre (after his gals have left him for jolly old England)

Guidebooks (National Geographic Traveler's Florence & Tuscany, NGT's Venice, Rick Steves' Italy 2006)
Italian phrasebook & dictionary (a handy purse sized book by Barron's)
Leaning Tower voucher
Friends of Uffizi pass
Cezanne exhibit tickets
Venice Card Orange (reserved only)
Great British Heritage pass
Good maps of Pisa, Florence, Siena and Venice (I have these from last trip)
Slow Travel instructions on European washing machines, the espresso pot, travel recipes, etc
Tea tree oil for mosquito bites and other itch issues (thanks to Alice Twain for that tip!)

What's left:
Photocopying our documents
Letter from Dave authorizing the girls to be travelling with me (since he won't be with us in England...seems like one of those better safe than sorry things.)
Review of current baggage restrictions, carry-on rules and other official stuff
Packing...Unpacking...Repacking the much smaller pile...

No doubt I'm missing some things, but will add to the list as I think of them. Hopefully this will end up as a good guideline for future trips.

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