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Enjoying La Serenissima!

We are having a great time in Venice!!!

Our apartment is very very basic - reminds me of going to the camp or cottage - but it suits us just fine. The girls each have a single bed in the tiny entry hall. There's also a small kitchen (well equipped), a dining room, bathroom (sitdown shower only) and a large bedroom for Dave and I. I was worried that the Jazz Bar on the floor below would be too noisy, but with the windows closed (we have A\C) at night we barely hear a thing. The people in the apt next door had a row last night though - woke Ginger and I up with all the yelling and sobbing and the older lady from the apt on the other side coming along to tell them to shush...quite the scene, somehow the uninhibited expression of emotions seemed very Italian!

We've been to Murano and LOVED the glass museum. There were artifacts from 1st century AD to the present. Sparkling Alpha Ninja Cat (you can guess who that is!) was quite taken with a gorgeous glass centrepiece - glass model of a formal Italian garden that would have taken up my entire 8 foot dining room table, so can't imagine the size of table needed for this to be the centre of!!

btw, the new nickname has come from Miss Ninja's purchase of a Venetian cat mask in order to "stealth around the calli". The mask left sparkles all over her face, plus she of course is number one Ninja Cat hence the Alpha reference.

We also went to Burano to see the lace museum. The museum was neat but the real beauty here is the island itself. Walk away, just walk away from the main drag and the place is stunning. Quiet, oh so colourful houses, and some shady spots to linger and enjoy the view. If I return to stay again, I'll be tempted to look for an apt on Burano instead of Venice island!

Today we went over to the Lido for a bit of beach time. The free beach is straight down the main road as soon as you get off the Vaporetto. What a fantastic time the girls and I had playing in the waves! The water (of the Adriatic) was very warm, especially in comparison to the North Atlantic. There was a light surf so we had some rolling waves to play in, plus the girls found pretty shells. The water was much saltier than we are used to as well. Dave sat in the shade reading...not a beach bum, that boy! He didn't even bring a swim suit. I read that bikinis were THE only style to wear, but of course being my modest Canadian self, I wore my tankini and figured that would be close enough. It suited me, but I was perhaps the person on the beach with the most skin covered, except for the British woman beside us, also in a tankini. Everyone else had 2 piecers, no matter the size or shape!

Oh and lest you think we've ignored the beautiful Venice herself, let me assure you that's not the case! We have wandered around Canneregio (and had a fantasically cheap gelato near the Strada Nova - 5 scoops for 2.80 euro and it was very creamy and tasty - will try to remember the name to post in my trip report). Also wandered around Castello - both today on the way back from Lido when we got off at the Giardini vap stop, and the day we went to Murano when we walked to the Fondamenta Nova vap stop via Santi Giovanni e Paolo area. MN and I went into to the church and found it stunning, albeit impersonal somehow. Apologies to Bill Thayer as I was not able to get a photo of the relief he was interested in -no photos allowed and that particular monument was directly opposite the ticket booth, where sat the attendant watching MN with a smile on his face (for those unaquainted with her, MN is very charismatic and catches many people's eyes...and that's not just motherly pride talking!)

Dave and I had a lovely, lovely stroll around San Polo-Santa Croce last evening (his birthday). We found a small Coop (just where I was expecting it, thanks to someone's post on ST) and as we came out with our few items, including 2 bottles of wine and other misc things for less than 14 euro, it began to rain. Huge drops came splatting down. Dave and I parked ourselves on the bench under a tree and watched everyone scatter and run for cover. It was quite fun and I want to bring the girls back to this square, which seems so full of everyday life - folks just sitting around chatting, kids playing, not so many tourists around.

Well, am running out of time again so will say arrivederci for now and hope to post again soon!

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Glad to hear from you. Your day on the Lido sounds tres glamourous!!

Boo and Winston are both fine. We changed Boo's cage on Sunday and had a little visit with him. Winston caught himself a mole or some such rodent on Saturday. Very proud he was.

Moi may be glad to know that there is no sign of Sylvia's kittens yet. However, I think that she will have them any day now. She looks like a basketball with arms, legs and a head sticking out of it.

Love to you all,



I am so glad you are enjoying Venice! I know just where that park is near the COOP. That is one of my favorite Campos. Have fun and enjoy the gelato for all of us!!

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