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Siena and more of Florence

Yesterday we went to Siena. The Siena Rapide bus ride is 75 mins from Florence to Siena, and costs 6.50 euro per person one way.

TG was so thrilled, but unfortunately she had not gotten a good sleep the night before so was too tired to fully appreciate the city's beauty.

We wandered around the VERY steep streets - holy cow, some of them are so steep, I can't believe cars are able to drive on them! One in particular looked nearly vertical - the girls and I walked partway down, but Dave didn't take up the challenge, instead he stayed at the top and recorded our foolishness. I was puffing coming back up, for sure!

The Duomo, and especially the Picolomini (sp?) Library, were gorgeous. Dave didn't come in since he likes neither religious art, nor the multicoloured marble of the architecture (party pooper!) The Baptistry was hushed and intimate feeling, even though very spacious. Alas some men were repairing a bit of floor so we couldn't linger due to the epoxy, or whatever they were using...bad fumes.

MN thought the crypt was very cool, and discovered a great fascination with transparent floors! Very cool to stand on the plexiglass and look down a couple stories to the floor below - she said she's finally found something she's scared of. Nonetheless she wanted to stand on every single piece of "glass floor" we came across!

We grabbed a quick piece of pizza near Piazza San Pietro and sat on the steps of that old church. Next door was a frutteria, so we had peaches, apples and a pear for dessert (ok, first dessert...we also had gelato later on our ramblings). We wandered from there down around the old walls. There are some beautiful vistas from various parts of Siena, and a couple lovely little parks with shady trees, benches and "normal" daily life happening. Very cool.

Today we went to the Bargello...I LOVE the statues, especially Michelangelo's drunken Bacchus. Donatello's David was being restored and MN was very fascinated with that process (as were the rest of us.)

We also checked out Santa Croce and really loved the cloister and museum. TG was thrilled with the tribute to Dante, and MN was taken with a stunningly colourful painting in the museum. She hasn't been at all happy with all the gory crucified Christ paintings, so was nice to find one that was a happier scene.

TG, MN and I also climbed the Dome this morning - spectacular view.

Ooops out of time - ciao!

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Sounds like your trip to Siena was incroyable! Wish I was there. Can't get over streets so steep that Dave didn't even want to atttempt them. Glad to hear that the girls are enjoying themselves so thoroughly. Also glad to find out that portions at least of your journey are being filmed for posterity.



P.S. I must mention that I had incorrectly written "buongiorno" as two words and Erin insisted that it was only one word. I looked it up and turns out she was right!! (Yay me!!, from Erin)

Anne, I'm enjoying your wonderful updates about all those exciting places you're visiting.
Glad to hear the girls are enjoying those amazing sculptures and art as well.
Your mom told me how wonderful that Gelato is, so enjoy it while you can.
All the best. (((HUGS))) Muriel.


Anne, one of my favourite lunchtime activities is to take a quick trip to Italy as I sit and read your blog updates. Absolutely fantastic! Thanks so much for taking the time to keep us all updated. Glad to hear you're all having a ball.

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