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4 photo albums and a rental review

I'm getting bug-eyed from endlessly viewing my photos. I am building my "to be printed" collection in one folder and my "Slow Travel album" collection in another folder. Maybe I'll just finish my ST album and print that collection.

I'm halfway there with the ST album, I have at least finished my albums for Italy and now need to create my England album. I put the Italy photos into four separate albums (Pisa, Florence, Siena, Venice), but am not sure I'll do the same with the England photos. Those might just end up in one gigantic album...well, hopefully not too gigantic (I'm trying to pare them down, really I am!)

As for writing up my trip report for ST, I haven't started that yet...although that's not entirely true since my blog and my journal are really my starting point.

I have managed to write up a review of the apartment we rented in Florence. I wish I could have saved it in progress and/or viewed the formatted version before sending but that option didn't seem to be available in the rental review section like it is in the trip report section. It was my first rental review, so I may have been a bit too glowing. We thought the apartment was fantastic but I probably should have commented on things that could bother other renters. For example, I didn't mind the climb up to the third floor two-three times a day, but I'm sure that would be an issue for lots of people. Also while "our" street was quiet, we could hear the traffic, including sirens, from the nearby (very busy) Piazza Goldoni...again, it didn't bother me, but could be problematic for those more sensitive to noise. After I hit submit, I thought of these things...too late.

I'll try to present a more balanced review of the apartment we rented in Venice. Based on comments I've read on ST, I'm not sure this apartment would suit some of the members. It was truly basic with linoleum floors, the dining table had wooden benches on two sides plus two stools, the kitchen wasn't even remotely fancy (although it was fully equipped including a great set of Lagostina cookware). When I write my review, I must be sure to indicate that if one is looking for luxury, or upscale accomodations, this is NOT the pad! But for those who are looking for cheap and clean basics, this was an exceptionally good deal. I've certainly saved the contact information for future trips to Venice. Although I see on the website that the price seems to have increased dramatically...maybe we can get a "previous renter" discount or something if we return. If the price was a lot more than the 550 euro we paid this time, I would look around because there would be more options at higher prices.

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I have an "in" with the person who does vacation rental reviews ;). If you want, after I publish it, just send me any updates you want to make.

Unfortunately the review system doesn't offer a preview option, though it's on the list for future enhancements.


Oh thanks Kim! It would be great if I could add a couple afterthoughts that might make it more balanced. I may have had rose coloured glasses on when writing the review since we loved the place!

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