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Oh the places I've seen...

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RED = I live here
BLUE = I have been there
GREEN = I want to go there

This is so cool! I first saw this on Leslie's blog (or rather topcat's blog...) and then on Kim's. So natch, I had to try it for myself. When marking places I've been, I did not include all the states we drove through on route from NS to Florida when I was a teen, just the overnight stop (Washington DC) and Florida. Ditto when we drove over to New Orleans, I just marked Louisiana.

I'm not entirely sure how this works on an ongoing basis, but hopefully I will be able to keep it updated as I see more of the world...more, more and more muahahahahhahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

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It's fun, isn't it? :)

I'll try to start my students off on it tomorrow if I get time. Twelve of them have websites now.


Twelve - wow, that's impressive! It's great that you're teaching them to use the internet as a useful tool.

Oh the map is brilliant. When I came over to visit I had not intended to leave with a gift, but thank you.

Very nice blog. You should go over and visit Welshcakes at Sicily Scene. She is an expat from Wales gone to Sicily to live. Another Italy-lover.


Catching up - I used the rule that I had to sleep there in order to count it (I think - maybe I should go back and check).


Kim, I used the overnight rule also (although made an exception for Vatican City.)

lady macleod - thanks for pointing me to Sicily Scene, great blog and lots of lovely photos. I've enjoyed checking out your blog too.

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