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Sorting through the pile...

Yikes, I'd forgotten how much time it takes after a trip to sort through the massive quantities of photos and souvenirs! (Ok, so maybe I didn't need to take nearly 1,000 photos on our vacation, but my children will thank me for that one day...at least that was my standard response to their whines of "argh, you're such a tourist, mom.")

I find it hard to decide which shots are "printworthy" when looking at them on the computer screen, but I have narrowed the list down to 550 already...so I'll soon be brandishing albums at everyone I meet!

I think I'll get scrapbooks for my ticket stubs and receipts, plus maybe a shadow box or two for some of the really memorable bits. I got that last idea from someone on ST (sorry, can't recall who...there was a whole thread on what to do with those miscellaneous bits of memorabilia.) Mind you, when I say scrapbooks, don't envision those lovely creations some people make with the fancy borders and witty or reflective comments by every photo or bit of paper - no, mine will probably look like something a first grader would put together. You know, with glue fingerprints here, there and everywhere, and maybe the odd cliche written messily at the bottom of the pages. I haven't a creative bone in my body when it comes to these things...or maybe it's just laziness and lack of interest, it's hard to say...

Ooo, the stack of souvenir guidebooks is staring balefully at me - you bought us, you better read us, they proclaim. And I will...really, I will. In truth, I love reading my souvenir guidebooks, they bring me right back to the places I've been. (I will love them even more once my vacation fund gets replenished and I can start seriously dreaming and scheming of the next trip!)

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You are way ahead of me! I am still sorting through my pictures. I envy your visions of putting your ticket stubs and receipts in some sort of scrapbook and had to laugh when reading your description of the first grade scrapbook version. That is just how my book would look. I have all my tickets, receipts, souvenir books, etc. all in a big wicker filing basket. I know they are dreaming of me organizing them someday.

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