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Oh I've seen wind and I've seen rain...

Wow, what a windy, blustery, wet-n-wild day we had yesterday! I could see the wind (because it was full of water) swirling and rushing around, bending trees and hustling debris along the road. Our power went out for three hours in the afternoon...good time for reading, although the clouds were so dark, there was barely enough light to do so after about four o'clock.

I called the NS Power 24 hr outage line and at first they said the power would be back on at 3:45 but when I called back at 3:30 for an update, they said 5pm...uh huh, we'll see about that, I thought to myself. Impressively though, the power surged back on at almost exactly 5:00...so exact that I wondered if they were ready before then, but decided to wait to show off their predictive powers! Surely not...?? :)

MN had a friend over and they played in the basement with flashlights. I could hear lots of shrieking - they told me they saw ghosts in the mirror down there. Plus MN had put something on the top stair, but when they came back to that part of the basement, the object was at the bottom so they figured the ghost had moved it. (I'm thinking maybe the cat, but no doubt that just shows my lack of imagination.) In any case, they had lots of fun and if they feel we have a ghost, so be it! When the power finally came back on, we watched GhostTrackers on TV and MN relived her afternoon through the (very scared) kids on the show.

TG and I had been watching Armageddon (the movie from a few years back) when the power went out. Such a tear-jerker, that one...TG and I are both major cry-babies whenever there's an emotional scene in a movie so of course we had the tissues close at hand for this one. Doesn't seem to matter whether it's a good movie, or (as in this case) a lame-o, we'll still be sniffling away making puppy-stomping noises (which phrase comes from Dave...who does NOT stomp puppies so don't send the SPCA our way, please!) Unfortunately we got right back into it as soon as the power returned, so I didn't get started on supper until twenty to seven...oops. Oh well, by the time we actually ate, everyone was certainly hungry!

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I can't watch those end of the world movies too often - they feak me out. But a good tear-jerker every now and then is good for the soul.

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