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Don't panic or run away screaming...

I should add that I have no intentions of trying to convert anyone - to each her own and all that. It is just where I will post my thoughts on matters spiritual to me - my own personal faith journal, after a fashion. As for having a separate category...well, I'm not sure why I want to keep these thoughts separate, perhaps simply to facilitate deletion in case I decide it's too much to share!

A lot of the posts will likely end up talking about music that inspires me somehow...I am frequently moved by a meaningful lyric, and love to sing, although will not be asked to sing a solo anytime soon! (Not that I'm a terrible singer, but certainly don't have the technical ability our choir director seems to be looking for in a soloist.)

(Updated June/08: Well, it turns out I was asked to sing a solo - much to my surprise, it was a success!)

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No screams or panic here - I love reading other people's thoughts about "the big picture," especially when it's progressive and personal and not the same old hellfire and brimstone. And I like the name of the category too! Look forward to reading more.

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