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New year, new...hissy fit?

So I was at church one recent Sunday and...uh oh, it was so hectic and crazy mid-December, it turns out I'd forgotten to sign our Choir Director's paycheque so her bank returned it as non-negotiable. And at this time of year too when the holiday bills come rolling in. (I'm treasurer for my pastoral charge...a pastoral charge is the level above individual churches and the level below presbytery...confused? Don't feel bad, the structure of the United Church of Canada is a mystery to me too!)

Anyway, the woman whose cheque I hadn't signed was (understandably) cranky, but the worst part was that she thought I'd known since mid-week and had just been ignoring her! It turned out she'd sent an email to my old email address, so I didn't receive it. We have sorted out and all's well now, but at the time I felt really bad and incompetent (am way too hard on myself, as if I can't make a simple mistake like anyone else!) I came home in a funk. I then blamed it on the fact that I can't get anything done in our teeny cramped computer room, I have no room to spread out my files, and how the heck can I continue as treasurer with no decent place to work...in short, I threw a total hissy fit!

Ever cool headed, Dave lets me rant for a bit and then says what if you had a laptop and wireless internet? Oh I pause mid-tantrum, envisioning myself with files spread out on my 8 foot dining room table...that would be perfect. I feel quite deflated with such an obvious and simple solution in front of me.

Off we go to Futureshop...naturally they had no stock left of the Toshiba which was front and centre on their website at $400 off. But they did have a Compaq Presario C700 for $350 off - works for me! We were the salesman's dream come true...we walk out in about 15 minutes with a laptop, wireless router, HP office jet printer, and wireless mouse.

I love this rig!! At least I will...just as soon as I master this weird Canadian International Multilanguage keyboard. This board's got so many symbols on it, I could type just about every language going, including Maltese apparently (or at least I could if I knew Maltese...).

Yes Virginia, something good CAN come out of a hissy fit (and a patient spouse doesn't hurt either)...now I just have to pray I don't mess up the paycheques again...so hard to get good volunteers these days... :)

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I loved my Compaq Presario that I had until recently. It worked so beautifully for nearly 3 years.

I just got a new Sony Vaio and love using it too. Laptops - way to go. :)

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