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To drive, or not to drive...

I have a love/hate relationship with winter. In theory, I love it - always say I could never live anywhere without the full range of seasons. In practice, however, my commitment to the white season falters long before the temperature dips down to -20C (as was the case last week.)

At the moment, it is a balmy 1C. Now that might sound like a great improvement after last week's deep freeze temps, except that this little "heat wave" came with horrid precipitation. Snow overnight, then ice pellets (those were nasty while I was shovelling, I can tell you (felt like Mother Nature had a vendetta against me!) At the moment, we are experiencing the ever UNpopular freezing rain...which is falling on top of the layer of ice pellets...which, in turn, fell on top of the snow that fell overnight. Very, very slip-sliding conditions indeed!!

The up-side of the slipperyness was that it was quite easy to slide the shovel across the driveway (I was using one of those bucket types that work in a plow-like fashion). But the ice pellets were brutal - like little stinging insects - before they morphed into the freezing rain. I was quite bedraggled by the time I came in to shower and bring my body temperature back up to human levels!

Now I sit all cozy in my house with coffee in hand, wondering if the roads are decent enough so I can safely drive into work. The road in front of my house is invisible under the white stuff, but the highway is partially clear so I am torn. I have an easy half hour drive to work when roads are bare and traffic free...longer during rush hour and bad weather. But why take chances unnecessarily - my workplace won't fall apart without me. I think I will wait a little while longer and see if the freezing rain stops soon...

This is what the roads looked like earlier this morning:

Showing great improvement by 10:00 am:

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