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A dalliance with Dali

I found this article while looking for something else entirely and it reminded of one of my favourite paintings: Canada's Dali Connection

I must admit that I am not all that familiar with the works of Salvador Dali. I have certainly seen reproductions of The Persistence of Memory (although I confess that until a few minutes ago, I had only ever known it as the melting clocks...) and other popular paintings, but have seen very few in person.

Dali's Santiago El Grande caught my eye twenty plus years ago on my first visit to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and I am still drawn to it today. Unfortunately I am unable to find much information on the painting (most of the links just lead to poster galleries), so will just share the image for now.

The painting is huge and incredibly powerful...one gets lost in the dimensions. I think a roadtrip to Fredericton is in order this summer, so I can dally longer with this Dali masterpiece.


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Love that blue painting - I've never seen that one before. I remember the first time I saw the melting clocks in MOMA, I was really surprised by how small it was (I was expecting it to be large for some reason).

Salavador Dalì had an incredible technique and was sucha visonistic painter/artist. Once he hired a taxi in Madrid to go see Picasso in Paris.

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