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A head cold and a book

Grrr, all that time in the hospital recently seems to have landed me with one of those horrid head colds where your head is full of wool...pulsating, expanding, wool, that is. Most disappointing is that I am missing the "Lunch Bunch" - a Friday noon time choral singing experience at St. Matthew's in Halifax. The church is beside the office building where I work, and the singing is just for fun, not gospel, some show tunes, some folk tunes. I was really looking forward to joining in today. But who can sing with a drippy nose?! Welcome our new singing sensation "Andasamo and the Nasal Tones"!! Oh boy, I'll have them lining up at the door...

So, what now? It's cold outside...ok, that's not so newsworthy, given that it is February in Canada after all.

Help, I need help...someone throw me a topic, please!!!

Somebody??? Anyone?? Helloooo?? Is anyone out there?

Very well then, here's all I can come up with...don't say I didn't warn you...

Today I am reading a Regency romance novel by Georgette Heyer (Apparently Heyer used to be pronounced "Higher", but with the advent of WWI, her father changed it to "Hair" so they would not be mistaken for Germans, according to Wikipedia)

I came across her book "Frederica" recently in a box in the basement. In our teens and early twenties, my sister and I went through a Heyer phase. A family friend (also an English teacher) put us on to her novels. As I recall, my mom's reaction was somewhat disapproving (what sort of rubbish is this?) but since the family friend happened to be one of her best friends, she didn't say much. We got a tremendous kick out of these books - the language alone gave us fits of giggles (and still does, I have to say). Although I must say there are an alarming number of slang terms for women, and not so many for men (sign of the times, I suppose...before women's rights and all.)

Consider the following referring to women of various virtues:
barque of frailty
Bird of Paradise
bit of muslin
Haymarket ware
light o' love
prime articles
tempting armful

"Fiend seize it", that's "doing it much too brown", don't you agree? :)

Dare I confess that my copy was "borrowed" from the library some 30 years ago? Seems I checked it out May 9 '77. Oops. (Not sure how it is that I still have this after all these years, my sister and I always were, and still are, very conscientious about returning books on time...er, except for the great Daphne DuMaurier incident, also back in the '70s.) Oh well, it comes in handy on a sick day when I don't feel like doing much of anything. I highly recommend Heyer's novels for when you're in the mood for some light-hearted, historical fiction. Good fun.

Oh and since I'm writing about a book anyway, I may as well incorporate softdrink's bookish meme:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

Ok, so page 123 of Frederica...a snippet of a conversation between Lady Jersey and Lord Alverstoke regarding his attendance at one of her assemblies:

'But he [Wellington] tried to violate our rules, which you, I am persuaded would never do!'
'Much you know about it! Ask my loving sisters!'

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My sister (who lives on Cape Breton) tells me that this winter has been an easy one for her - we've got far more snow and are getting more. GRRRR

It has been a bad year for cold and flus. Paul is on cold # 3. I have been sick once over Christmas (worse timing).


It's been kind of an odd year down here in the Maritimes. Cape Breton often seems to be one of the worst hit parts for snowfall but not this year.

I just heard on CBC that Moncton has had 250+cms of snow since Nov...eek! We've fared better (mid NS), but we've still had a lot of snow. The maddening thing is that it has usually been followed by rain/freezing rain the next day so we still have to shovel (to keep our driveway from becoming an ice run) but don't get to enjoy playing in the snow...curses!

We're battening down the hatches for another 15-25 cms of snow tomorrow.

Hope you feel better soon!! You made me laugh with your "don't say I didn't warn you" comment - that is what I feel when I write about stuff that is really only interesting to myself!

I hope you are feeling better!

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