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Biscuits anyone?

I can't believe this - I made seafood chowder and home made biscuits for supper - and the biscuits even turned out!! Tender inside, light brown crustiness outside - sheer perfection!! I am so proud of baking-challenged self!!

The chowder wasn't too shabby either. I made something along the lines of a traditional Maritimes variety - mmm-MMM my favourite. Except that it was a bit of a poorman's version because we haven't had time to get groceries in a while. I had to scrounge whatever potatoes were in the bag (three left), and make do without celery (boohoo), but as long as I've got seafood and milk, the rest can be improvised.

I cooked the potatoes, along with some carrots and onions, until tender crisp. In the meantime, I coated the seafood with a little flour, paprika, salt and pepper, and lightly sautèed it in butter before adding to the vegetables. I then added a couple cups of whole milk, heated (not boiled) and voilà, a simple but tasty bowl of chowder.

I made the plain biscuits while the veggies and fish were cooking. Now I'll tell you, I used to make a mean biscuit in my (much) younger days, but lost the knack over the years. My last batch was rather a dismal failure. Well colour me surprised 'cause I've got my biscuit groove back!! I'm not really sure what went right...maybe my relaxed attitude, maybe the wide cranberry glass bowl, maybe my hands-on twirling technique while pouring in the cold milk to the flour mixture. Who knows...whatever it was, it worked. The mass balled up before I knew, and baked up to perfection. Even the little leftover bits baked into tender crispy morsels of goodness.

I know, I know...better to wait until I make another succulent batch before proclaiming my skills to the world - but I figure I may never get a second chance :) This could be a one time blip in a long line of tough, chewy biscuits. So I'm gonna make hay while the sun shines, celebrate my (tiny) successes as they come, blow my own horn before the band goes on break!!

...you can say "I told you so" later...

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I've never made seafood chowder.


Hey! Speaking as one familiar with your cooking, I must declare that there are very few opportunities to say "I told you so" about your cooking. In fact, perhaps you recall that batch of cookies you made recently? Sheer perfection, I steadfastly maintain, despite your demurral. The fact that I only ate two of them was due solely to my daughter's relish for them.


(and I didn't even pay Lynn to say that!)

angie - if you like fish at all, you should try it sometime, it's a very quick and easy meal, and readily adaptable to whatever is on hand to toss in the pot! Sometimes I make fisherman's stew instead, with a tomato base and eggs, which is equally tasty.

Oh this sounded so good! It is coooold today and soup and biscuits would be perfect.

I love seafood chowder...yummmmy!!


uh, recipe? I am totally biscuit challenged but my kids (and I love them).

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