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Happy (12th) Birthday to Miss Ninja!!

Today my younger baby officially becomes a preteen...twelve years old. As with The Ginger turning 18, I feel a certain suspension of belief, a reluctance to accept this fact...plus the weight of old age creeping up on me! Although this last is offset by the incredible joy and "youngness" bestowed upon me by being the mother of such wonderful little girls...er, that is to say, young women. Nothing like acting the fool with your children to make you feel like a child again yourself!

Miss Ninja was "scheduled" to arrive the end January, but disobliging decided to wait 11 days past her due date to make her appearance...so she has literally been a free and independent spirit since day one!

I love the nickname she chose for herself last year. She called me at work one day when she got home from school (no, she's not a latchkey kid - The Ginger gets home first) to say that she had her registration papers for grade 6. One of the fields to be completed was "preferred name"...what did this mean, she wanted to know. I explained that sometimes kids don't go by their first name, but rather by a middle name or nickname, such as Dave instead of David. Oh, in that case, could she put "Miss Ninja"?? Alas, I had to dash her hopes and say no, it didn't mean that kind of nickname. But I've referred to her as such in my blog ever since.

Mother Nature gave her a most welcome gift today - a snow day! Just about every school in the province is cancelled today.

As for our gift to her, well she finagled that out of us on Friday (we're not always such soft touches, but her aunt was over for supper and to drop off her gifts for both girls, so I relented and let her have it.) And her argument was that since she actually paid for about a third of it, she should be allowed to have it a bit early. (Not bad logic at all, I thought.) She'd been saving for a new mp3 player, and I said I'd make up the difference. She'd had a couple cheap players, so this time we decided to go big or stay home - luck was with us because we found this player at FutureShop at quite a good discount. She is thrilled with it! (So was The Ginger...so much so that she bought one for herself.)

And now, I'm a bit more prepared photo-wise than I was when posting The Ginger's birthday tribute, so here are a few of my favourite photos:

My cuddly moppet around age 2:


Rock and Roll Baby!!


I'm a big girl too!!


A bathtub, bubbles and a kid, what could be more fun?!


Just relaxing in the grass...


Attacking Dad (actually trying to hold his head still so he couldn't do his usual 'turn his face away from the camera so it doesn't steal my soul' trick!)


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Oh your kids are beautiful Anne! They sound like great girls. Happy birthday to both of them!

Wow, two birthdays so close together! Cute pictures.

Happy birthday to both The Ginger and The Ninja!!

What a beautiful family you have! I LOVE the rock and roll baby photo - too cute. Happy Birthday to Miss Ninja!

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