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Happy (18th) Birthday to The Ginger!!

Today my first baby turns EIGHTEEN!!! I'm in total denial, sheer and utter disbelief. How can this be?? She was only just born a couple years ago...wasn't she? Oh, alright, I will grumpily admit 1990 was more than a couple years ago. But she's my little girl, how can she suddenly have reached the age of majority...and right under my nose too, how sneaky of her!

Ah well, no matter her age, she knows she can't escape my smotherly...I mean motherly (Freudian slip anyone?) cuddles. I just pray she never feels too old to curl up with her mommy and watch a good chick flick!! Or in her case, make that a good vampire movie...

We're taking her out for supper tonight - her choice of restaurant. Japanese, no doubt, I'm just not sure which particular one she'll choose. Japanese is her current favourite cuisine (and her current favourite culture - both my girls are fascinated with Japan - I think it has to do with all those Japanese anime shows and books they are obsessed with!)

My darlin' has inherited my maternal grandmother's artistic talent. I'm at work right now, but one of these days I'll share a few of her paintings. And perhaps a few more photos of the gorgeous gal herself.

But I do happen to have this one on hand - it was taken about four years ago, but still one of my favourite photos. And if anyone was wondering why "The Ginger" is her nickname, it will become quite obvious once you see the photo!

(Sorry, the size is a bit large...I haven't any photo editing software on my work computer.)


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Anne, I've been dying to know where you took the photo at the top of your blog. Definitely Italy, definitely stunning, but where???

Also, your daughter is gorgeous!


The header is a slice from a photo taken in Assisi. We were walking down through the town and I just loved this view. Actually I loved the whole town...oh who am I kidding, I love the whole country!!

Happy birthday to Ginger! What a beautiful girl and that hair...I love it. My older nephew is a red-head, so is my mom and my grandfather was too. There was an article in National Geographic last year that said that red-heads might be extinct by the year 2100 because globalization might make it unlikely that the right genes will meet or something like that. Hope they are wrong about that.

Anyway, I'd love to see some of her art sometime!

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