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Lookin' cool in the Firebird

Leslie's photo in her post about her little red wagon gave me the idea for this post...I most definitely do not have Leslie's talent with photo effects, though, so in my case you get just the pics, ma'am...

Here I am, along with my sister, in our aunt's Pontiac Firebird convertible. That's me on the right, with my elbow on the door...was I feeling mighty cool and pleased with myself, or what?! Judging from the 1968 inspection sticker and the fact that it appears to be summertime, I'd be about 4 1/2 in this photo.


Lynn and I loved going for drives with "Phyl the pill". (Aka Phyllis, our mom's older sister, who has since gone on to listen to classical symphonies in the sky...or she could be up there listening to the latest alternative rock act, it's hard to say. She had uber-cool and cutting edge taste in music, that's for sure!)

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What a fun picture. I wish I had a picture of me with some of the cars we had in the '60s. I learned to drive in a Corvair in '68. I'd love to have a picture of it.


Wow! That is a seriously cool car. Lucky kids....

Cool car and cool aunt I bet you loved to drive around with her.

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