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My mommy...then and now

girasoli's wonderful tribute to her mom gave me the inspiration for today's entry.

Here is my mother and my aunts as children. Mom is the adorable little pouty face on the left. (To her right is the aunt with the Firebird.) I absolutely love this photo, it so eloquently captures the many moods of little girls.


And here is a recent photo of my beautiful mommy (in her Italian eyeglass frames):


And a few pics from our March 2006 trip. I can't wait for another trip with these two wonderful women!! If only travelling to Europe wasn't so damned expensive...grrr!! (I wonder if Dave has won the lottery yet...I don't buy tickets myself, but of course if he wins, he has to share!)

Here we are in front of the Hungarian House of Parliament in Budapest (a colleague of Lynn's took the photo - she was on a business trip, Mom and I just tagged along.)


Mom on the Accademia bridge in Venice...her favourite church, the Salute, in the background:


Mom and Lynn enjoying a (remarkably uncrowded) moment at the Trevi Fountain (after we threw in our coins...who can resist):


And finally, the three of us in Piazza Navona feeling thrilled beyond words to be in Rome. (The photo was taken by a friendly young American tourist, who was visiting Rome with a couple schoolmates):


I don't know many people who have the pleasure of travelling with their mother. Lynn and I are so fortunate that Mom is so fit and active (I literally swear she's in better shape than I am) and, even better, is such a comfortable travelling companion. She is so incredibly easy to get along with on the road...I wonder where we will go next?!?!

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Anne, what a lovely post about your mother.
I'm going to have to dig around for some of my favorite photos of mine and do a tribute post as well. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anne, what wonderful photos. I so enjoyed reading this post. You are truly lucky to have all those wonderful memories. I hope you are able to take many more trips together.

How kind of you to link to my post. I was having a bad week last week, and was not really able to write much about my mom, so I thought the photos would do.

I just love the old photo of your mother and aunts. Those black and white photos have such a way of capturing people's faces.

Did your mom have 4 sisters? I love that old photo!

Beautiful post. Sounds like you have great trips together. Your mom actually looks a little like my mom! I haven't taken her to Italy yet but we have had great trips together in Mexico and the US.

This is a great tribute to your Mother. I enjoyed reading about her. It is wonderful that you get to travel with her. My mother even never flew on a plane!

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