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National Wear Red Day

This is an extremely timely topic for me personally.

At this very moment, my grandmother lies in critical condition in the cardio intensive care unit.

She had a triple bypass on Wednesday, which went well. But later that night, the nurses felt something was amiss so ordered a chest x-ray and found bleeding and clotting in her chest cavity. A second surgery was performed (you know it's an emergency when the hospital assembles a cardiac surgery team at 3am) to find the cause. Two surgeries within 12 hours would be difficult for anyone, but for an 84 year old woman, is very dicey business indeed. The nurse made a point of telling us how big a deal it was for her to have been anaesthetized twice in such a short time...not to alarm us, but just so we would be aware of the seriousness.

My sister and I were at the hospital all day yesterday and today, although for the most part, Grammie was not aware of our presence. But yesterday, when she was awake (groggy, but awake enough to hold our hands), she seemed comforted to know we were there. She started to show signs of distress when we had to leave (only allowed to stay for maybe 10 minutes at a time in the ICU) but relaxed a bit when we said we were not going to leave the hospital and would be back again very soon.

No improvement today, and in fact somewhat worse since they fear she might be brewing an infection (temp was up, plus white cell count up).

We spent much time today in the hospital chapel (aside from any spiritual comfort, frankly it's just one of the few quiet places to sit in the hospital), but I'm afraid I have a shadow over my own heart...

My sincerest thanks to girasole for suggesting this as our first blog challenge topic. I'll take comfort in knowing that many thousands of people, Slow Travellers among them, are wearing red today to show their support for women's heart disease awareness.

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Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I'm glad that you are able to be there with her. Blessings to her and hoping for the best.

My dear,
I hope that your grandmother will be okay. My thoughts go out to you.


Thank you both so much. Not a lot of change this morning...good news that her temp is back to normal, less good news that she still isn't strong enough to come off life support. I really appreciate your kind thoughts.

I too am very sorry to hear about your grandmother. My thoughts are with you and your family.

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