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One hundred years ago today...

My maternal grandmother was born February 5, 1908. She passed away September 30, 2004 but on this, the hundredth anniversary of her birth, I feel her spirit with me. She had one of the gentlest souls I have ever come across and I feel blessed to have known her. My sister and I both recall with great fondness the many hours of card playing we spent with Grammy...she had infinite patience when we'd keep pestering for "just one more game" of auction 45's.

Here she is on her 96th birthday in February, 2004:

She was an amazingly talented woman, both musically and artistically. Unfortunately I have no recordings of her fiddle playing, but many of her paintings are still in our family so I will share some of them here (by no means all - these are just the ones in my own house!)

Grammy gave Dave and I this pair of paintings as our wedding present:

This one is a scene in Nova Scotia (Bear River, I think?):

These next two are quite small and are hanging in The Ginger's bedroom:

One of her still life paintings:

The next three are from her abstract period (I can remember her painting the first of the these when I was a young girl - it is a pitcher and bowl of fruit):

These two I found one day in her attic, unframed. I brought them down and asked if I could have them. Grammy said "oh no, you don't want those old things" I persisted that I did. We got them framed, and they are Dave's all time favourites of Grammy's paintings!

This next one is a painting of the barn from Grammy's old homestead in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia:

The last two are not in my house, but I want to share them anyway.

This is a painting Grammy did from a photo of "Hawnby Hall" in Yorkshire, England. (Our family descended from William Chapman, who emigrated from Hawnby to Nova Scotia in 1774.)

And finally, one more of the Cumberland County homestead, which we had on display at the memorial service for Grammy. My wonderful (and also talented) mother-in-law saw it, and then hooked a rug using the painting as her pattern.
The painting (framed in boards from the actual barn):

The rug, which my mother-in-law hooked using Cheticamp wool:

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Hi Anne,
I hope everything is fine with your other grammie that got surgery.

Wow! I absolutely love her work! The abstract ones are very cool.

I'm sure it's so special to have these in your home and be able to look at them everyday. Thanks for sharing these!

That's made my morning! How beautiful. :)

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