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The Amalfi Coast bus ride...

Mom and I took the bus from Sorrento to Amalfi in March 2006. I found it absolutely exhilarating!!

I came across this video on youtube - camerawork's a bit shaky, but I think the person did a very creditable job of capturing the feel of the Amalfi Coast bus ride:

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As a person that easily gets "bus sick" I could not watch much of the video but did love the music!!

Yes, it definitely does capture the feeling of the Amalfi coast bus ride. When I went, I had to take the boat back.

How lucky that you were able to spend time there with your mom.


Yes, I am incredibly lucky - and Mom is such an easy person to travel with. She, my sister and I make a great travelling trio. We all want to see lots of art and history, but also want time to amble around aimlessly, just enjoying the rhythm of the places we visit. (Unfortunately my sister had to fly home early, so missed out on this part of the trip.)


I'm not even starting that video - i get motion sickness just thinking about it! :D

I've heard that it is quite a ride on those narrow windy roads. eek a hair raiser


The roads are so narrow that the bus would honk its horn before sharp corners so approaching cars would know it was coming (and stop to let it pass). We met a tour bus at one corner - I noticed its driver did not look nearly as relaxed as our public bus driver! When we met another public bus however, the drivers both stopped in the middle of the road, had a little chat through their windows, then proceeded on their respective ways. Too funny.


Oh yeah, it definitely captures that feeling that you're about to go over the edge!
I did the bus ride with my mom, too, in September of last year.

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