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Whoot! whoot! for The Hooters

I never realized how many songs I knew by The Hooters until we got their compilation CD Hooterization: A Retrospective (which we found in the bargain bin at the Superstore). I did, however, know they sang All You Zombies, which is a song I have loved since its release in the (early?) 80's. But in my younger days, I just tuned into the chorus and the music, and never really "heard" the words. After I grow into my faith, I take more note of how very many spiritual and/or biblical references there are in the literature and music of our culture. So, now, I still love the music, but have a deeper appreciation for the lyrics. (For some reason, youtube has disabled embedding on this video, so click on the song title above to have a listen if you like.)

According to Songfacts:
"This was written by Rob Hyman and Eric Bazilian, who founded The Hooters. It is filled with biblical images and created some controversy. Said Hyman, "I think the spirituality of it wasn't premeditated. I think everyone is a spiritual person in whatever they believe or not. There was no real agenda on our part. I know it got banned on several stations, which interested us - there were some Christian stations that refused to play it. There were articles - we never understood the controversy that much, but it stimulated activity. For a writer, that's the best thing you can do."

Lyrics | All You Zombies lyrics

I also love the song "One of Us", written by Eric Bazilian. (To be specific, I love Joan Osbourne's version of it...I can't say that I have ever heard a Hooters version.)

Speaking of having a deeper appreciation for things...I am reading the book "Noah's Other Son: Bridging the Gap Between the Bible and the Qu'ran". I'll post about it once I have finished, but for now must say that it is absolutely fascinating...I had no idea how many stories are shared between these two books. So far, two thumbs way up.

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Oh Anne, we could sit next to each other and help get the glue off.

I have to do it on paper with the rest of the class once each week.

The deputy principal found me outside in the hallway clearing my head. Whew! Craft does not come naturally to some of us. Um, I think computing is more my thing!

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