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Hooray, The Ginger's home!

We say hooray,she's home...she says boohoo, the trip is over. Ginger just flew home from New York, where she's been since last Friday on a school trip. She had been looking forward to it for months, and it sounds like NYC was all she was expecting and more.

She was only gone for five days, but oh didn't her little sister miss her big time! No way was Miss Ninja letting us go to the airport without her. She even bought Ginger a little stuffed animal that she knew Ginger has been eyeing for a while (little stuffed penguin - big Happy Feet fan - it's a good match!)

Ginger came through the International Arrivals door and Miss Ninja rushed forward and threw her arms around her big sister. It was so sweet, as was Ginger's reaction of delight.

When we got back home, we ordered in Chinese food so we could hear all about the trip without having to stop and cook supper. I am saving the photo viewing until later, although we did look at a few pics. She was so animated and excited telling us about meeting a Rockette ("She was so pretty and nice, mommy!!") and an actor who'd played Skimbleshanks in CATS (one of her fave plays). Also, she is now in love with Phantom of the Opera (formerly had liked it well enough, but now considers it a lifetime highlight.) She went shopping at Macy's - got lost four times - wow, that place sounds HUGE!! But unfortunately she said most of the stores their guide took them to where wa-ay too expensive. They had a blast in the giant Virgin store on Times Square though. I am so happy that she had such a wonderful, fantastically exhilarating trip. She's been having such a struggle with her depression lately that it warms my heart to see her with a little kid grin on her face and a bounce in her step.

And for the rest of the evening, Ginger has been playing an electronic game with MN tucked up beside her, as close as humanly possible, watching the game's progress. Adorable.

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I'm so glad she had such a wonderful time!!!

Sounds like a great trip! I love CATS as well, I was seven when I saw it for the first time and I remember it so well. Especially the cats climbing around among the seats! I also enjoyed reading about how close your daughters are, that is wonderful!

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