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Easter joy

What a busy Easter weekend!

The Good Friday service was emotional, as usual. I kept my tears at bay, but Ginger succumbed. After the service, Rev. Valerie hugged her for a long time, and told her that the great thing about Good Friday - and all the dark times in our lives - is that Easter Monday always comes. (Valerie knows about Ginger's depression and I was so moved by her compassion, and incredibly impressed by her ability to always find the right words that one needs to hear.)

After this service, Valerie's youngest daughter came home with us. She and Miss Ninja are best friends, so I wasn't surprised when the two of them cooked up a sleepover (or rather two sleepovers, one at our house, the next night at hers.)

It's nice having the girls' friends over for sleepovers, although Dave sometimes finds the commotion a bit hard to take (he has noise issues...) We played the new version of Life last evening. What fun! This is a neatly updated version of the old Game of Life. I love board games, and card games. I used to love outdoor running around games, but haven't as much energy as I did when I was ten! Still love croquet though.

Saturday morning found us back at the church: Miss Ninja and I had choir practice, and Ginger had to attend the rehearsal for the service (she was playing Mary Magdalene). Ginger and I went home to our house; Miss Ninja went home with Valerie and her daughter for sleepover #2.

Saturday evening we went to a play at Neptune Theatre. If I had any foresight, I would have changed our dates and gone on a less busy weekend to spread things out. Ginger and I have season subscriptions, along with my mom - who happens to be in Spain right now (insert envious thoughts!!) - so her ticket was up for grabs. We offered the ticket to a friend of Ginger's who also loves theatre, but whose parents detest it (one year they flipped a coin to see who had to take her to a play for her birthday - imagine seeing that as a chore!) We saw the play "The Retreat From Moscow", which was excellent. There were only three characters, but all were strong. In particular I enjoyed Nigel Bennett's performance - as always. He is a fantastic actor, and has lived in Nova Scotia for some years now, so we get to see him fairly often in Neptune productions.

The last play we saw was Samuel Beckett's Happy Days, which was a total dud - half the audience didn't come back after intermission - so I was glad this latest one was so engaging.

Yesterday's Easter services were wonderful.

First was the sunrise service...at 7am (which is normally much earlier than I get moving on a Sunday morning but I always like this intimate little service.) The service was held in the side chapel, with maybe 15-20 in attendance. We prayed, listened to a few words of wisdom, sang "Morning Has Broken" to the accompaniment of Rev. Valerie on guitar (yup, she really is a woman of many talents), then had breakfast in the Fellowship Hall. Breakfast of bacon & eggs, pancakes, fruit salad, hot cross buns, coffee and apple juice. Yum!

We zipped home for a couple hours, then back to the church for choir rehearsal and then on with "the show"! The service was a big party 'hosted' by Valerie. The event was complete with balloons, special guests (e.g. Mary Magdalene, Peter, Paul, John Donne, Mother Theresa...), lots of singing by congregation, choir and children's choir, plus several youth playing various instruments. The children's choir sang one song that required audience participation, so it was fun watching sections of the congregation bobbing up and down as they stood-sat-stood to sing their parts (we have a good view from the choir loft up front). The place was packed and full of energy. We sang out with joy:

Go now, hurry, spread the news.
Run now, there is no time to lose.
For Jesus has from the dead been raised.
Joy comes to all, may our God be praised!
Halle, hallelujah...halle, halle, hallelujah!!

Today...ah, sleep, blessed sleep!! I didn't get up until nearly 10am! After breakfast and lounging around for a couple hours, the girls and I went to the salon where Ginger got a new cut and Miss Ninja booked an appointment for later in the week - she wants to get her hair lightened to a very light blonde (which will apparently take a couple hours so the shop couldn't fit her in as a walk-in). Then we went shopping - at Walmart, I'm ashamed to say - to get sneakers and gym clothes. I have a free one month membership to a local gym, so the girls and I are going to check it out this week. And of course we couldn't show up in our ratty old clothes, could we?! ;)

This afternoon, the girls and I played Numero and Scattergories. Both are great fun, and I bet would be a blast to play with a large group. I must bring them along to our next games night.

I even managed to get a big pot of ham & split pea soup brewed up this afternoon, to take to my sister's house, where Grammie is staying until she is well enough to return to her own apartment (the hospital never did come through with a respite bed.) Grammie's niece Paulette (herself a retired minister) and Valerie have been organizing various people to make meals as well, so there are lots of helping hands.

All in all, a fun, relaxing, energizing, uplifting and joyous weekend!!

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Life was never one of those games I got into that much. I do remember the little pink and blue sticks with the balls on the end. I wonder if I would like the new game better? I did love playing croquet - it has been so long since I last played that game. I just discovered Scattergories at our school game night. Board games are fun!

Glad you had a great weekend and you could sleep in today!!

Sounds like such a wonderful holiday weekend! Just thinking about hearing "Morning Has Broken" at a sunrise service gives me chills; I love that song. Please keep writing about Rev. Val; I love hearing about her.

And I'm SO glad to hear that you've got people rallying round to help with Grammie!

We had a nice family Easter lunch and then I babysat the nephews while everyone else went to the basketball game, and the three of us made tie-dye t-shirts - it was a lot of fun! Both boys are really into art projects of all kinds, and so am I, and this one was a winner (though I'm very relieved to have made it through without spilling dye anywhere!).

Happy belated Easter, sounds like you had a great time!

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