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How I came to marry the Man from Glad

Or "Twist Ties...they're not just for bread bags anymore"...

I was just listening to Kim Mitchell's great tune "All We Are" and was transported back 20+ years to the evening my husband proposed. A bunch of us were hanging out, having a few beer, listening to some tunes...the usual weekend gathering of friends, sharing conversations ranging from serious to silly. Dave and I were sitting out in the kitchen when - entirely out of the blue - he proposed. Or rather, not so much proposed as issued the statement "you're going to marry me, lady", whilst wrapping a twist tie on my finger. Hey, a man's got to be creative in these impromptu moments! The twist tie was soon replaced by a more traditional engagement ring, but of course I still have it (duh!), so am able to model it for you (on my decidedly ungraceful "sausage fingers"...):


While taking my mental walk down memory lane, I also had a peek at our wedding album and scanned a couple pics to share with you:

Here we are, in Bedford United Church, sharing a kiss as Mr. and Mrs.:

Here we are walking down the aisle: Mrs. "I can't wipe this nervous grin off my face for love nor money" and Mr. "I never smile in photos, not even on my wedding day":

Three years later, along came our first daughter Sara, and six years after that, our second daughter M arrived. The only one of our daughters' birthday celebrations that we have missed over the years was Sara's sixth party...we were otherwise occupied at the hospital that day! Here is a photo that makes my heart go boom every time I look at it - the proudest six year old you've ever seen, holding her (hours old) baby sister, about whom she declared "this is the best birthday present ever!":

And here's the song that apparently prompted Dave's impulsive proposal. It was playing on the stereo when he did so, and he later chose it as our wedding song:

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How touching!
This is such a loving look at you and your family. Nice, very nice...
Ciao ciao,

Love this! I think the twist tie is SO romantic (both the fact that he gave it to you AND that you saved it!)You were a gorgeous bride, and that photo of the sisters is beautiful.

Thanks for sharing! Annie

This is such a great post!! Great photos!! I just love your caption for the photo where you are both walking down the aisle :-)




I remember the twist tie! I thought it was very creative of Dave when I came into the kitchen shortly after he issued his edict! Best part is, you two are still as much or even more in love now than then!!

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