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Rejuvenating my soul

The spirit moved me to go to the ocean yesterday...I packed a picnic lunch and a book (Donna Leon's Doctored Evidence) and headed off to Chebucto Head.

I have been going out to this place since I was about 17. It is one of my absolute favourite spots in all the world...my soul finds peace here on the rocks, as I inhale the salt air and listen to the roar and shush of the ocean.

"And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."
(Philippians 4:7)

"May God, who clothes creation in love mend each rift and strengthen each seam, that threads of hope and strands of healing may be woven wherever we journey."
(Rev. Valerie)

Here are some of the photos I took...










Carman, Bliss, (1861-1929)

I was born for deep-sea faring;
I was bred to put to sea;
Stories of my father's daring
Filled me at my mother's knee.

I was sired among the surges;
I was cubbed beside the foam;
All my heart is in its verges,
And the sea wind is my home.

All my boyhood, from far vernal
Bourns of being, came to me
Dream-like, plangent, and eternal
Memories of the plunging sea.

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What a beautiful post and pictures. I loved how you laid out the Polaroids. And I can tell from your writings just how much this place means to you. It is good to hear that you are spending some time 'rejuvenating your soul' after the past few trying weeks.

Beautiful photos! And like Marta said, it is good that you have places like this where you can go and find peace.

What beautiful views! I am surprised how blue the ocean is. I remember it being pretty green in New England. Wonderful photos!!

I feel rejuvenated just reading this post! So glad you are taking this time to recharge.

And Donna Leon has a new book out - as soon as I finish this crazy project I'm doing at work, I'm going to buy that book and "visit" Venice.

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