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My brush with fame...

We were looking through old photos recently, enjoying stories and memories of my brother-in-law, Floyd. I came across a couple photos from the March 2000 Halifax show of Blue Rodeo's "the days in between" tour.

Floyd was first cousins with the father of Blue Rodeo's bassist, Bazil Donovan. Often Bazil would send Floyd tickets and, sometimes backstage passes, to the concerts when the band played in Halifax.

Once I'd found these photos, naturally I had to go digging and find the rest of my memorabilia from that night. I'd bought the CD sometime beforehand, and Floyd decided that I MUST have autographs, so he took the CD insert and got all the band members to sign it. ('Cause that's just the kind of guy he was...) Then he introduced me to Jim and Bazil (I say casually, as if we're on a first name basis - ha!) and took a couple photos. As for keeping the ticket stub and back stage pass...I must confess to being a terrible packrat as far as that sort of thing. (I even still have the ticket from my grade 12 prom, for heaven's sake!!)

Me and Jim Cuddy (sigh...):

Me and Bazil Donovan:

The autographs:

The ticket stub:

The After Show pass:

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How cool that you kept this memorabilia. I don't know the group but the photos are awesome!

Great photos of you - you look very calm, cool, and collected, not star-struck at all!

I've saved every concert ticket, going back to the mid-70's seeing Fleetwood Mac when I was in high school. I keep thinking about doing some kind of collage or shadow box or some way to display them, but I haven't gotten around to it. My tax accountant has all his concert tickets in this big glass vase which looks kinda cool.

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