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Ooo, shiny!!!

So I was doing laundry yesterday and finally had to admit that my dryer has reached the end of its useful life. I "dried" a load of towels for about two hours before finally giving up, taking them out of the dryer, and hanging them up to finish. The next load of laundry - sheets - dried just fine. As did the load of jeans. The load of socks, underwear and other lightweight stuff did not fare so well...again, out it came and was hung all around the house to finish drying. Ok, enough of this crap, I thought. When Dave got home, I said "we need a new dryer". He needed no convincing...he'd done the laundry last week...

Into Leon's we went this morning. We found a great, basic Maytag on sale. Of course there were lots of more (and a few less) expensive dryers, but this has all the settings I need. And it has 7 cubic feet of awesome drying space! Fewer loads are always a bonus in my mind.

A funny thing happened on the way to the store...

I decided it was time for a new stove as well. Our old one is more than 15 years old, the burner pans are disgusting, the burners themselves are loose, the oven was not self-cleaning (and since I work full time, you can imagine how often it was manually cleaned...) so was pretty cruddy. All in all, time for a replacement. Again, Maytag to the rescue. We chose this range, with super capacity oven. I love the smooth top, and the warming burner, and the self cleaning oven, and...

I know, I know...how exciting can new appliances be?? (Clearly I don't have enough excitement in my life if I get this worked up over a new dryer and stove!!) I even took photos, how sad is that...





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Not sad at all! "New" is always good, I say. And if it makes you feel any better, I'll confess that I got a new self-cleaning oven about 2 years ago that has yet to be "self-cleaned" because I haven't gotten around to reading the owner's manual to figure out how to make it do it!

I love the rose over your stove - is it a stencil?

And Happy Mother's Day (is that a holiday in Nova Scotia too?)


Thanks Annie (yes we do celebrate Mother's Day).

The rose stencil was there when we bought the house. I left it there because I like it too! There's another one around my wall clock, I'll post a pic of it one of these days.

Very nice! You clearly deserved both of these! A good stove makes everything so much easier. Excellent buys - and thanks for taking the photos so that we could see!

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