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Prayers for the People of Myanmar (Burma)

The United Church of Canada invites people to use the following prayer for the people of Myanmar.

O Holy One, who speaks to us out of the whirlwind,
revealing how limited is our power,
how vulnerable is our existence,
how fragile our survival,
once again the winds and the waves have devastated a portion of your good earth,
your creation has been laid waste in Myanmar.
By the tens of thousands, your human children
have drowned, have been battered lifeless, and
now countless are left without shelter or home risking disease and death.
Our lamentations rise with our fear-filled rage at this loss, suffering,
and the senselessness of it all.
We cannot undo what has happened,
but fervently invite your embracing presence and love
for all who have died,
for all who are wounded,
for all who are grieving.
Let neither the dead nor the living be far from your Spirit,
they are all with you.

Gracious and generous One,
you love the world and all its people—your global household.
We pray for all who are witnesses to this destruction and death.
Near and far, weak and powerful, rich and poor—
we, who have been spared this killer cyclone,
observe and can hardly credit what we see.
As we watch brief video clips and read news reports,
your Spirit moves our hearts to compassion and generosity.
We rejoice in all who put mind, body, and soul into rescue, relief, and restoration efforts.
We welcome opportunities to give so that life may continue.
We pray, move the hearts of those in power in Myanmar to transcend self-interest
so that the freely-given help and aid may reach
the needy, the distressed and all suffering because of this calamity.
We pray in Jesus Christ, by whom we know your Way, your Truth, and your Life.
(Scripture references: Job 40:6; Psalm 139:7, 18)

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Thanks for sharing this - it's a beautiful prayer. It's been tough to watch the news on TV this week - so much suffering and destruction. I like the phrase "your global household."

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