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Ristorante Piccolo Mondo - mmMMM!!

Last night, Ginger, my mom and I went out for supper, then to see a play (The Producers) at Neptune Theatre.

We first went to a fabulous Greek restaurant called OPA!, which is one of our very favourite eating establishments in Halifax. Alas, they were booked solid until 8pm (we arrived around 6pm without a reservation). Ok...on to plan B. We didn't have a plan B, except to stroll down Argyle Street and check out the other restaurants (which are many and varied.) We opted for Ristorante Piccolo Mondo. Afterward we all agreed that we were glad OPA! had been full, otherwise we may not have discovered this great spot.

Our waitress was from Quebec, with some Spanish ancestry, and was excellent. She was informative, amusing, attentive without being intrusive. The waitress told us that the owner's sister (Italian of course and whom they all called Nona) made three of the dishes on the menu herself - lasagna, ravioli, manicotti - all with homemade pasta. She made the ravioli with the freshest ingredients, from her own old recipe. How could I resist? I had the ravioli. Mom had lasagna and Ginger had salmone affumicato (not being overly hungry). For wine, I had a lovely Lamberti Pinot Grigio...Mom had a tasty red Italian wine (I forget the name).

Oh my goodness, my ravioli was absolutely delicious! Big squares of pasta filled with spinach and ricotta with a light tomato sauce over top, and a little glob of mascarpone. I told the waitress to give my compliments to Nona. Mom's lasagna was also fabulous, as was Ginger's smoked salmon (although the radicchio was a bit strong for her taste...and she didn't even try the capers!)

After we finished, having taken our time and lingered over these wonderful main dishes, I had espresso and tiramisu. Superb espresso, I must say. Tasted just like the espresso we drank in Italy. I'd had an espresso at another Halifax restaurant a while ago, which just tasted like slightly stronger than normal coffee. So I savoured this cup. The tiramisu was heavenly. So light and creamy, not too cakey, dashed with cocoa powder on top to contrast with the sweet filling.

I will definitely be returning to Piccolo Mondo. There were many other items on the menu I want to sample, and I want to try out their lunchtime panini as well.

Buono Appetit!!

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Sounds like a great night out for the ladies! I love a good tiramisu...

Ravioli is one of my favorite foods in the entire world. Your ravioli dish sounded heavenly. If I lived near that restaurant, I think I would become a weekly patron :)

I am glad you had such a wonderful meal. I laughed when I read the name of the restaurant. The first thing I thought of was "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".


Anne, that sounds like a fantastic meal! I'm drooling on my keyboard!

How was the performance? I loved the original movie of The Producers, with Gene Wilder. What could be more outrageous than Springtime for Hitler?


The play was not the best I've seen at Neptune, but a good rowdy show. I can't put my finger on why it didn't dazzle, but it fell a shade short of the mark for me, at least. The performances of Ula, Carmen and Roger were brilliant, though! (Ginger's still singing "keep it gay, keep it gay, keep it gay!!")

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