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Where I spend my days...

Not much going on today so I took a few photos of my cubicle, and of the view from my window. Unfortunately our windows are a tad cloudy - not dirty, just cloudy between the double panes...and I know they are not dirty because they were cleaned not so very long ago - I glanced up one day and there were two men sitting on a board outside my 10th floor window!! I'll try to take replacement photos some day when the sun is not reflecting so much, but will post these for now.

My little corner of the office world: (if you look closely, you'll see that the photo on my calendar this month is Titian's Assumption.)

My artwork (and the intray of doom that fills up as fast as I empty it...somedays I get writer's cramp just signing my name):

I get to admire the Bluenose every day (it's one of my Grammy's paintings):

Looking up Spring Garden Road (St Mary's Basilica on the right):

View of one of the University campuses and the Old Burying Ground:

Looking down at St. Matthew's Church (I love the mini-labyrinth):

And I even have a glimpse of the harbour (even if it's obstructed by all those ugly cranes at the container pier!!):

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Anne, I did notice your calendar, with the Assumption!!!

Great photos, you have wonderful views from your office. I love Halifax, it really is a beautiful city and so much fun. I've spent a lot of time there, over the years, especially during federal election campaigns when I covered Alexa McDonough as leader of the NDP. Many, many flights between NDP strongholds in B.C., then back to Alexa's home riding in Halifax. Good times at the Economy Shoe Shop (and great shopping all over Halifax!)


The picture header on your blog is a beautiful piece. Is that from one of your collections / photographic preoccupation? Nice job.

So do you work in Halifax? You have interesting views from your office. I should visit Halifax one of these days... One of my favorite cousins live there.


Eden - yes, I work in the downtown core. It's great, lots of shopping as Sandra mentioned, and a huge choice of places to eat lunch.

The new photo is from the Public Gardens (in Halifax). I took it on Monday and was so pleased that I had to make it my header!


Why did I always picture you out in the country somewhere??? Love the photos, and may have to steal the idea. ;D

Very cool! The Titian jumped out at me right away. And I love your grandmother's paintings. And the labyrinth! Have you walked it?

This is a great idea for a post. I might have to bring my camera to work one day too - my cube is a complete mess right now so I think I'll wait until it looks a little better.


Kim - I live out in the country, I just drive into the city each day to work (about a half to three quarter hour commute each way.)

Very cool! Reminds me of Jill's post a while back. I also imagined you out in the country! :)

Catching up here...your desk is so clean and organized! How lucky to have so much room to hang things on your walls. I like your cubicle. The views are lovely. I too did not imagine that you worked in a big city

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