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You're such a wimp, mum...

"Oh my goodness, are you still crying?" snorts Miss Ninja as we watched the movie Dirty Dancing last evening. Yes, laugh if you must (and I know Dave is) but...this movie chokes me up every single time. And trust me, I've watched it a LOT of times. Used to be that I couldn't go past it on TV, didn't matter when the movie had started, I'd stop channel flipping and watch to the end. Now I own my own copy so I can watch it anytime.

I don't even know what it is about the movie that so captivates me. I'm not a huge Patrick Swayze fan or anything (although he has some mighty fine dance moves in this film!) I love the ebb and flow of the relationships between Baby and Johnny, and between Baby and her father. I can't explain it, this cheesy movie just tugs at my heartstrings, no matter how often I watch.

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I loved that movie. I used to watch it whenever it was on. I haven't seen it recently though.

I've seen it so many times! It usually chokes me up too.

I'll never understand why Jennifer Gray felt like she needed to have her nose changed - she was absolutely darling in that movie. When I see her on TV now, I barely recognize her.

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