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Announcing our new kitten!

We got our new baby on Sunday - isn't she adorable!! (Winston begs to differ...)


She hasn't yet been named - at least not a name that we can all agree on. I am determined she must be named Paddles (or would consider Padfoot if the H. Potter reference will sway MN.) Her front paws look like paddles, they are so huge with extra toes (which she also has on her back paws.) MN has other ideas, such as Mariel. Ginger's on my side, so we'll keep working on MN (who has final say since this is, in fact, her kitten.)

I set up a little habitat for her in the huge cardboard box that previously held our new dryer (see, sometimes it pays to be lazy and not have gotten things put out on garbage/recycle day!) Flannel sheets, food & water, mini-litter box, blankies, toys...what more could a kitten want? To have free range of the house, that's what! Oh my goodness, she can cry a cry to wake the dead when she isn't ready to go to bed. We are all getting a bit sleep deprived after a couple nights. The first night MN tried to have Paddles in her room, but MN was too worried she'd get into something (you know, those bits of whatever that are all around every kids room) so eventually we put Paddles down in her own "room" and she did actually settle down. Until it got light at 5am anyway...

Winston is slowly getting used to the idea that this intruder is here to stay. He only hissed once today - only half heartedly at that - and he didn't even rush over to defend his food when Paddles climbed into his bowl - wow! So he's coming along.

Holy moly, will ya look at those paws:

Ooo, this looks tasty: (The writing on the side says "Fat Cat"...and yes, it is rather appropriate for Mr. Tub-tub aka Winston. Haven't quite figured out how feeding time will work since Winston is on medicated food to prevent urinary crystals, and Paddles will be on kitten food for a year or so.)

Should I wear the walking shoes or the sandels today:

Nap time - I'll want lots of energy at bedtime:

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Anne, she is utterly adorable! I think Padfoot is a fantastic (and appropriate!) name.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, your new kitty is so cute! I think Paddles is a really cute name too. Seems like your cat Winston is already beginning to warm up to her.

I just love all the photos you posted. So cute!

Thanks for posting and sharing them. I look forward to finding out what name you'll be giving her.

ARGH!! A baby! I love it! Actually, that is so beautiful. How lovely! I really enjoyed reading that. Very large Trixie came and helped me read it. :)

Oh my gosh, she is absolutely precious! I love how she is cuddled into MN's neck; Maria does that too and it's so endearing!

Having a kitten is very much like having a toddler. I've done a lot of "kitten-proofing" around my house, and Maria still finds things to get into.

Congratulations and have fun!

SO CUTE! I know what sleep deprived is with a baby in the house but never considered that a kitten could be the cause of it.
Love your blog!

How cute! Congratulations on your new kitten! (Did you feel peer pressured by Annie? :)


Awwwww...she's too cute! But I think the food bowl is trying to eat her.

LOL at peer pressured. I think Anne and MN had plans to get a kitten before little Maria showed up at my house.

I had to discipline Maria for the first time last night (with the squirt bottle). She was on the verge of chewing an electrical cord. The bottle was very effective - she did not like getting squirted at all. Then she went and knocked over a house plant. :)

Do you know this poem?

"The Naming of Cats" by T.S. Eliot

The naming of cats is a difficult matter,
It isn't just one of your holiday games;
You may think at first I'm mad as a hatter
When I tell you a cat must have three
different names.

(you can google to get the rest of it - it's pretty funny!)


Annie - I love that poem, especially the last couple lines...

"His ineffable effable
Deep and inscrutable singular Name"

I hadn't thought of a squirt bottle, what a good idea!

She's so small and precious! Have you chosen a name?


Marìa - no agreement on the name yet. I'm hoping MN will tire of "correcting" me and give in to the name Paddles soon! No doubt she's hoping the same of me though.

She is sooooo cute and precious!! I really like the name Paddles.

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