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By popular demand: more Polly pics!

I got home yesterday, dropped my bags on the floor for a minute, turned around and discovered that they had been taken over by Polly...

"You can't move me, I'm too cute":

"Seriously, I'm wa-aaay too cute to disturb, aren't I?":

I think I'll just close my eyes for a minute:

Guard kitten:

Hey Winston, do you want to play?:



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She's adorable!

Kittens have to be one of the cutest creatures on earth. It sounds like Polly (Paddles) is bringing a lot of joy to your family.


Polly is so tiny! What a little gem. Winston is so patient.....

Oh my gosh, she is so precious. And full of personality! And what about those feet....in the "guard kitten" photo, I can really tell how unusual they are.

As I type this, my Maria is face-to-face with the computer monitor, batting at the letters I type!


Thanks Kim, I'm totally in love with this tiny bundle of feet and fur!

girasoli, she'll always be "Polly Paddles" to me too.

Sandra, you are so right. I can't believe how patient Winston is with her. He doesn't even get mad when she muscles in on his food bowl (equallyy amazing is that he doesn't touch her tasty kitten food.)

Annie, that is SO cute, what fun that we both have kittens!

Right now, Polly is sleeping on Winston's tail...

I love the photos! I had three cats at home and when the kids moved out they took them all, so when I look at Polly and Maria's photos I feel like I have kitties again. Thanks!

Oh my gosh! Don't you just want to kiss it?? Oh my!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, these are all such great photos! I really envy you and Annie. It really is fun watching all these updates!


No, she will never ever be "Polly Paddles", she'll always be just Polly...grrrrr!!!!

- Polly's real owner -

Adorable! I love watching kittens play, they are so full of energy and just so funny!

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