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Friends at last

It didn't take nearly as long as I thought it might for Winston to warm up to "She-who-must-not-be-called-Paddles" (the name battle remains unresolved!)

Paddles climbed up on the sofa with Winston, shoved her way in and nosed around his tummy looking for milk. Obviously no success there. But Winston did start cleaning her and then let her cuddle with him for a while.

Winston plays mother:

Ok, she's clean...now what?

Let's have a little catnap:

Nevermind the catnap, it's time for a real snooze:

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She will never ever ever in the entirety of her life be named paddles!!!!!!!!!!
aren't the pictures cute though :)

- kitten's real owner -

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, now that's what I call "bonding"! They are both so cute! I wonder if Annie's Lulu & Maria are getting along as well! :)

This is great, I'm glad they are getting along.


Good for Winston, I guess he is secure in his own beauty (which is considerable!) and his place in the household.

Adorable photos, Anne!

The photos are wonderful. Too bad we can't all learn to get along this way. I have to say, I am still loving the name Paddles.

Oh my stars! That is SO gorgeous! Your photos made my afternoon. :)

Super cute. I love how he has his arm around the kitten!

Awww! And the comment from "kitten's real owner" cracks me up!

No cuddles and snuggly naps at my house yet. LuLu has accepted Maria (and I no longer have to keep Maria in her saferoom) and they are playing, chasing, and wrestling a bit. They are also doing the "who's dominant" dance with a bit of mild hissing at times. Maria usually flops and shows her belly to LuLu, (being submissive), but then five minutes later she forgets and starts harassing LuLu again.

Maria is a wild child! So overall, I think we're making progress. But I'd love to see some cute cuddling like you have! Winston is a beauty!


A few weeks ago, you mentioned "Life is Beautiful" so I ordered it from Netflix and watched it last night. So wonderful! And gut-wrenching in parts; I got very choked up several times, especially when he got on the loudspeaker and said "Good morning Princess!" And what a soulful little boy that was. Wonderful movie - thanks for mentioning it.


Thanks for sharing that, Annie. It's always good to know what people think of movies I've recommended! (Which reminds me that I lent my dvd to a friend a while ago, I must nudge her to watch it soon so I can get it back!)

There's so much tenderness in those pictures! I love how he's taking care of 'Paddles' and how his head rests on the pillow. Smart kitty!


Great photo - I wish I could trust Fala to bond with another animal that way. We've introduced her though to our friend's dog, Bandit, and they walk almost daily together now. At first indifferent, now they're starting to play a bit. We're hoping to bring Bandit over here to see how Fala does with him on her own turf (the goal is that we'll be able to watch Bandit when our friend's go away).

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