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Hey, stop picking on me!

I don't know what's going on around here today, I think someone's been spiking the coffee pot or something. It's barely past lunchtime and already I've been accused of embezzling funds, being a traitor, and carrying a concealed weapon!

Actually it was all in jest, and mostly I brought the accusations on myself, but whatever... :)

If you'll excuse me, I have a plane to catch:
We had a courier delivery this morning before our Admin Assistant arrived and someone said it was from the bank. I asked if it was a bag of money ("courier, what courier? I didn't see any package arrive...oh by the way I'm leaving early today...") So of course the conversation went straight downhill from there, and people started joking about how I seem to be hard at work, but really I'm just busy embezzling money outta the Province's bank into my own Cayman Island accounts...

We don't serve traitors around here:
Three or four of us usually go for coffee in the morning. We always go down to the food court to a place called Bella Ciao (which is run by a Lebanese man named Ziyad, go figure.) Ziyad jokes around with everyone and usually has our coffees poured without us even having to order. (We tease Tricia that she has a "thing" for him, but really we all think he's charming!) Our habit of always going to Bella Ciao has become so ingrained that we feel bad going somewhere else in our building's small food court. If we feel like Chinese food at lunchtime, we slip quickly past Bella Ciao, studiously avoiding eye contact with Ziyad...it's rather funny, actually. This morning I felt like bacon and eggs (which in itself is bizarre - I'm not usually a hearty breakfast person) but Ziyad makes only muffins and bagels and goodies like that, so I had to go along to Nick's, the Greek grill a couple spaces down from Bella Ciao. I got my bacon and eggs from Nick and then backtracked to Bella Ciao for my coffee. Ziyad was in the kitchen, so my friend Tricia tried to call him over to get my coffee (she'd already gotten hers while I was at Nick's). He looked over a couple times but didn't come out. Tricia joked that he wouldn't serve me anymore because now I am a traitor for going to Nick's. I'm sure Ziyad was just busy...wasn't he?! :)

Walk softly and carry a concealed weapon:
I was at the reception desk, talking to Tricia, when a man from one of the offices adjoining our section walked by on his way to the lunchroom. "I see you have a device, is it a gun??' He asked, quickly adding that he was only joking. (I had my cell phone in a case that clipped over the waistband of my skirt, but my top comes down over it so all he could see was the bump.) I pulled my phone out of its case and "fired" at him while he ducked and ran serpentine-fashion down the hall! Ah, the things we do to amuse ourselves on a Friday when the cubicle farm population is low...

What's next in my secret life as a criminal, I wonder?!

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Oh your post reminded me of a Peter Falk movie I have seen a few times. It's a spy movie I think, and the serpentine bit in the movie always makes me laugh. :)

The blog roll cool feature is new from Blogger. I just love working with blogger, it's the best format I have used yet - I've been using it for a year now, and I teach from it.

P.S. I used to just read a lot of blogs mainly on weekends, but now, I can see what my favorite people have posted pretty well instantly, and can go straight in and read their new post. I just love it! :)


It's pretty desolate here in my cube farm farm, too. But we're having a heat wave (109 degrees), so those of us who are here are pretty listless. We did just read a story to our resident pregnant people about a woman who gave birth to twins who weighed 10 lbs and 14 lbs...that was fun. Cruel, but fun.

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