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My new issue of NG Traveler is here

And the cover story is "Real Rome, Inside Italy's Eternal City"


I loved Rome on my one visit. I cannot wait to read the article, although hopefully it won't make me yearn too much for the Eternal City since I am going, not to Rome, but to Florence in October.

Aw, now don't be jealous, July/August '06 issue, you'll always be special to me...


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I think Florence has better gelato, and isn't that what's important? :-D
I have that issue sitting on my desk...I still have to read the article, too.

Ah ha! I saw on my new super dooper blog roll, that you had a new interesting post! Now, those magazines look like a beaut read! :)

Cool cover! You know Rome is close by. You can always go for a daytrip.


Anne, I recently dug out that NG issue with the cover story on Michelangelo's Florence, to get me ready for my very brief stay there in September. Now, I'm going to dash out and buy this latest issue as well! Thanks for the tip.

BTW, as Susan says, you could pop down to Rome for a nice day trip, the Eurostar is so quick and easy.....there are so many great things to see even right around Termini (the Barberini isn't far; Santa Maria Maggiore; Palazzo Massimo) that you wouldn't even have to leave the area!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I'll drop by B&N sometime today to get that issue too! I love that cover photo. Note to self, visit Florence! Second Note to self, visit Rome!

I read your first link and realize that I have not read some of your archives entires. I'm going to have to check it out, so thanks for adding that link . . .

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