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Quick update: the kitten finally has a name

And the winner of the name game is...

Paddles? No...

Mariel? No...

Kitten's new name is...Polly.

Where did that name come from, you ask?? Ginger came out with it last night. She was looking at her Narnia series, specifically The Magician's Nephew, with the characters Digory and Polly. Miss Ninja agreed, so finally our baby has a name. And it fits with her polydactyl paws, so it gets thumbs up from me too. (Although I still think Paddles is her inner "Deep and inscrutable singular Name"...thanks Annie, for reminding me of that poem, which I hadn't read in years!)

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Hello Polly. It's a pleasure to meet you...officially. Tell your human we need more pictures, because kitten pictures are soooooo adorable.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I like it! Yay for Polly.

Polly! That's perfect. She looks like a Polly! And it's a sweet name.

I don't know Maria's "deep and inscrutable singular name" yet. I might be afraid to find out. :)

Hello Polly!
Can she have a middle name also? Polly Paddles?


Great idea, María. I like it! I wonder if her "real owner" will go for that? ;)


Polly is a lovely name. And I agree that it's time for a few more kitten photos!

She will be Polly Paddles to me :-)

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