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City of Angels

City of Angels was apparently panned by the critics, but I love this movie. It gets me everytime I watch, tissues at hand, as I weep my way through. I cry at the scenes of intense longing, at the scenes of heartbreak, at the scenes of newfound joy...Miss Ninja was right, I really am a wimp!!

I don't know what to think about Meg Ryan...in the abstract, I have it in my head that I don't care for her acting, but inevitably I find her performances quite moving or quirky. She was wonderful in this vulnerable role.

Nicolas Cage, on the other hand, well now he's a another story...let's just say he's way up there on my laminated list. (A friend of Miss Ninja's said "the old guy from National Treasure - eeEW!" Apparently he's an acquired taste...I'd think it was just an age thing but she adores Johnny Depp, who's actually a tad older than Cage!) I love his intensity in this movie.

Ginger and I watched City of Angels this evening (I just bought it - found it in a bargain bin and couldn't resist)...she had not seen it before, and had no idea what to expect but judging from her reaction, it packed an emotional punch for her too. I'll ask her for her thoughts tomorrow since it's pretty late and she's gone off to bed. (I, on the other hand, will be up until 2am or so, waiting for Miss Ninja...she went to Newfoundland with a friend and her family. They planned to return earlier this evening, but the ferry was delayed for about 4 hours. I'll be a cranky girl tomorrow at work - I best warn my coworkers to run away, run away!!)

The City of Angels soundtrack is also wonderful, especially Sarah McLachlin's Angel, shown here:

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Didn't that movie involve a bicycle at the end? If so, I did. not. like. it.

And Miss Ninja has good taste in actors. ;-) Did you ever see Secret Window? He was soooo good in that movie.

I loved that movie and have the CD of the soundtrack. I thought it was so cool the way the movie portrayed the angels.

This is one of my favorite movies. I always cry when they get to Tahoe.

And I agree the soundtrack is wonderful. Other than the pop hits, the music was done by Gabriel Yared who also did the music for "The English Patient". Another one of my favorite movies.

I also love Nicolas Cage. He has done some very interesting movies. I'm not crazy about his recent movies but he was great in Leaving Las Vegas.

If you want to do a comparision, you might see the movie that City of Angels was based on. It is in German by Wim Wenders - "Wings of Desire". It is very different although the premise is similar.


Secret Window was good too, and I was NOT expecting the twist in it either!
I didn't know City of Angels was based on a German movie, I'll have to look for that. I love the English Patient.

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