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My prize is here!

A few weeks ago, I posted that I had won Jill's contest.

This is just the quickest of entries to say that my book arrived in the mail on Friday!!

I plan to dive in as soon as I finish reading "Tempting Faith DiNapoli"...which will likely be tonight as I have only a few pages to go. I'm almost disappointed to finish it though because is such a great read. It's funny and sad and silly and serious and full of "hey, that happened to me, too" moments...you know, those little everyday embarrassments or thrills that happen during childhood and teenhood, but which rarely get written about because many authors stick to the "big issues". There are big issues in here too, mind you, but surrounded by insightful and fascinating everyday stuff. Seems to have gotten mixed reviews, but I am enjoying it very much.

Anyway, as for the newest addition to my library - "I Capture the Castle" - thanks a mill, Jill :) I like the bookmark, too. (Oh and Ginger says she loves your handwriting.)

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Congrats on your win, Anne. I'll be interested in your thoughts on the book, I Capture the Castle. Jill's review really caught my interest, but I'm a few books behind and haven't had a chance yet to pick it up.

I'm glad it arrived safe and sound! And tell Ginger thanks...my handwriting must have been on its best behavior.

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